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New Zealand Catholic bishops offer election guidance on gay rights to voters

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  1. As usual, they never give up on giving gay people legal rights as couples. Hopefully, as societies mature, they will be seen for what they really are- relics of the past, who e.g. kept quiet for decades the situations re the perverts they created with their puritanical ideas on sex, and then these perverts – priests – preyed on little girls and boys.

    Their credibility is just plain zero on this score, for their true agenda is power, and selling superstition, false promises, terroristic threats of hell if you don’t do as they say to do, etc.

    And if you look at their history………..

    The thousand years of the dark ages, which included the catholic based, tied in with corrupt kings, crusades against the Arabs. It was a holocaust of possibly as many as 50 million people. No wonder some of them hate us, for societies have long memories.

    The burning of perhaps a million women as witches, with guilt or ignorance decided sometimes by tossing victims in a filthy cage and seeing if the vermin went for the hapless victim.

    Tens of thousands who were tortured or murdered, for daring to defy the Pope, e.g. the church’s views that the world was flat, that the sun revolved around the earth, that diseases were punishment for sins, etc.

    The hatred of the Jews, that ultimately became the lever Hitler used to gain absolute power, and that led to WWII and 50 million more deaths. And of course the incineration of the Jews – 6 million of them, and also the Gays of germany, the gypsies, etc.

    And they still need, no matter how carefully they try to say it professionally, someone else to hate, and now it is the gays turn as the world moves well down the path of recognizing the sufferings of this group.

  2. I’ve got to make a correction…. the first sentence was not clear. It should say………..

    They, the Catholic church, never give up about trying to prevent gay people having legal rights as couples.


  3. Edward in Los Angeles 13 Aug 2008, 5:02am

    If gay people do not attack the problem at the source…that is, pressure churches to stop teaching bigotry…we’ll only have to deal with another generation of young people who have been hard-wired to believe that being gay is sinful and wrong. The time has come to get it out into the open: the Catholic church especially is a severe problem for gay people and the time has come to deal with that problem. In my opinion, we can’t just say the church is antiquated and they will go away. They have been antiquated for 2000 years,

  4. Churches are power structures.
    Churches are political lobbying groups and ought to be treated as such. They have privileged accesses and fiscal structures, they interfere in politics (no matter what they say) – openly in many cases, covertly in western democracies. They claim and foster “supernatural” power over people’s consciences.

    They ought to be treated for what they are: threats to the democratic process, interferers in matters not their concern, and ought to be given the same sort of grilling that politicians and any pressure group faces, rather than being treated with respect because they speak religious bigotry. They say things that chime well with the fascist end of the political spectrum, and are never taken to task over it. Every drop of LGBT blood spilled by thugs stains the hands of these inciters of hatred. Every death is yet one more on the list against them.

    Over the last year or so I have been observing their antics: my view of them has changed from the agnostic tolerance to a downright distaste for their hypocricy – they ARE the enemies of every gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans person in this world, no matter how they wrap it up. Their influence needs to be marginalised, and they need to be brought within the scope of the laws on hatred crimes.

  5. Edward in Los Angeles 13 Aug 2008, 9:40am

    WELL put.

  6. Let’s hope the politicians of New Zealand stand up for DEMOCRACY, and not THEOCRACY sponsored by the very undemocratic and corrupt catholic church. At the last general election in Spain, the catholic church tried the same thing, but were faced down by the Prime Minister, Zapatero. Zapatero was successfully re-elected.

    I agree with sentiments regarding trying to ignore the christian bigots – if we are not careful, these religious bigots will campaign to have all of us put in jail again. Time for ALL the gay community to attack these sicko religious bigots from the catholic church, who preach hatred and intolerance.

    The homophobic ramblings of the current pope (a former member, twice, of the Hitler youth league) serve to give succour to the thugs and murderers who beat, abuse, imprison and execute gay people on a daily basis around the world. Who is more dangerous?? a gay 18 year old, or a former member of the Hitler youth league, who talks of homosexuals in the same way Adolf Hitler and mussolini did???

    For the record, aside from torturing and burning alive thousands of people all across europe over several hundred years during the inquisition, the Vatican had an accord in place with both Adolf Hitler and Mussolini, whereby they would not criticise the fascists, if they were left alone, and given more power.

    The Catholic church is a dirty filthy organisation, and they have NO place in a modern democracy, like New Zealand.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 13 Aug 2008, 1:05pm

    If I’ve said this before a hundred times, I’ll say it again. Disestablish all religion and you’ll take away some of their power and influence. These are not religions, just a polite word for “cults” which is what they truly are, oppressive and a blight on the social landscape in any modern, progressive society.

    J. Mathews, you hit the nail on the head….the Catholic church is a dirty filthy organisation, it and others such as the Church of England have absolutely NO place in any modern society. Religious cultism is learned behaviour, a choice…and as such should be confined within the four walls of one’s home where it belongs, not in the public arena.

  8. Charles Gibbons 18 Aug 2008, 3:26pm

    I agree that the church needs to open its eyes and realize that its the dawn of a new age, an age of absolute freedom (well that is, if Obama gets elected hahahaha), but you people make it all sound like its the Catholic Church’s fault that so many terrible things have happened when in fact it hasn’t always been.

    For example, somewhere in the first comment it is stated that the Church’s anti-Jewish agenda indirectly ignited WWII. My retort to that is 1.) Hitler wasn’t a Roman Catholic? 2.) That my grandfather was a Catholic and he was put into a concentration camp in WW2 (for harboring his Jewish refugee friends AS WELL as practicing Catholicism) and died there. He was a Catholic, i guess he wasn’t in league with Hitler though huh?

    Secondly, the burning of witches, if you are referring to the Salem Witch trials and such was conducted by completely cold and emotionless PURITANS THAT BROKE AWAY FROM THE CHURCH. Get your facts right. Catholics don’t condone violence. (Unless you look at the Crusades in which factions of ROGUE Catholic soldiers took on all that didn’t believe in Christ. These men WERE NOT IN LEAGUE with the Church in any way, they were acting as rebels.

    As twisted as your logic seems to be, i suppose you’ll tell me that you believe the Da Vinci Code was a true story, right? Seriously, how can you honestly believe that these people WANT someone to hate? Are you a believer in the dormant intrinsic evil inside all human beings or something?

    Also, not all priests are trying to molest every child in sight, those are just a select few that have been blown out of proportion. Most priests just want to help people be nice to one another and establish harmonic order. Can you really blame them for seeing things so black and white?

    Lastly, i am an out homosexual and i thank God that i have a loving boyfriend and my family loves us so much (Catholics). If we fight discrimination with hate, aren’t we just proving them right? Besides, i may not believe in the church’s doctrine but i do believe that some…thing is responsible for our very lives and that omniscient being will love us not for our failures but for all the things we put up with and how well we influence others.

    I hope you all don’t see me as a religious zealot, because I’m not. I don’t even go to church. I just want you all to know that these people don’t know any better and they truly and fully believe in their doctrine because they have nothing else except their blind faith. They are not however, the cold heartless demons the first comment refers to. And in regards to all other readers, don’t you all have some hope of an afterlife? Some form of a continued existence? How can one live without hope of something more?

  9. @Charles Gibbons:

    the RC church did authorise torture and burning of “heretics”. The Inquisition was an arm of the Curia. In the UK, Mary Tudor burned many (including Cramner) who refused to recant the protestant faith. She was a true daughter of teh church as demonstrated in the correspondance between her and the bishop of Rome.

    You can’t avoid this truth no matter how unpalatable

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