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Two charged with the murder of Liverpool gay teen

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Reader comments


    What’s wrong with the judiciary in this country??
    Two scumbag scousers are allowed to walk into the mist, and another found guilty of intimidating witnesses are allowed to walk the streets.

    This is not GBH, this was an out-and-out victimisation and ultimately, a murder of someone. The fact it was possibly homophobic in intent is irrelevant. They should be banged up until it is proven they were not party. The factor of “Innocent until proven guilty” is all well and good, but if reasonable doubt is involved, they should remain inside. They remain a possible and potential threat to everyone until the accusations are proven or denied in a court of law.

  2. I look forward to the Bishop of Liverpool taking up the challenge of Councillor Radford to condemn this murder as they have in the past done for racist motivated killings.

    After all, it was the Bishop of Liverpool who publicly backed the Bishop of Carlisle when he stated that last year’s floods, in which a number of people died, were as a result of homosexuality.

  3. I agree its a complete disgrace to allow these thugs bail! What will they do next? Tagging and curfews are all very well if they obey them but anyone capable of what they did won’t give a monkeys about that! I am sure if they had been charged with attacking a person of colour or an old lady the public would be outraged!

  4. The Church 13 Aug 2008, 8:04pm

    No one escapes the Spanish Inquisition!

    Until gays and lesbians rise up and take justice in their own hands, the justice system in will take a casual approach. What you need there is something like the Stonewall Riots or the uprising that occurred after the murder of Harvey Milk in San Francisco. Stop laying there and taking it in the ass!

  5. since when did courts issue provisional trail date. always thought it would of been a “Trial” unless of course someone wants to take them up a trail and do to them what they did to this young man.

    Gone are the days of corporal punishment, I say bring them back!
    These cowards deserve nothing less! What’s the deal with letting them out on Bail??? Come one Crown Prosecution how about an application to deny bail, on the grounds that they are a flight risk and could potentially do this kind of thing again!

    The mind boggles it really does!

  6. my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this poor lad. this kind of thugery is far too common in our society today along with too many do-gooders who say a few years in prison will do these ***** good. l say that if we cannot bring back the death penalty then we should build more prison and let a life sentance mean LIFE! l’d gladly pay more tax to keep ***** like these in prison for LIFE!

  7. Omar Kuddus: GayasylumUK 14 Aug 2008, 10:07pm

    Forget the Spanish inquisition or why these two are on bail, its just beyond belief.
    Its well and good to have all these anti gay and discriminatory laws but if they are not exercised and the CP’s have sufficient proof beyond reasonable doubt they should not be free. It is another Prime example that shows that as LGBT’s we are not equal and allowed to be discriminated against.
    True equality shall only be achieved when we are treated as equals, with similar rights in all aspects of life and it is established that sexuality is just as much as fundamental right as any other.
    It is time to show our elected representatives that we no longer are prepared to be discriminated against or tolerate the injustices that are carried out in our name.
    Not only does it grieve us at the tragic loss but the further injustices that are being carried out.
    The question is when is the Gay community finally going to say enough is enough and stand up and demand that we are treated with the respect and equality that is granted to us by the mere fact that we are born human.

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