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Manchester Pride to celebrate 18th birthday

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Reader comments

  1. I’m pleased to see that Manchester gay pride is doing so much on LGBT his/herstory.

    In the far southwest we have the problem that organisations like the ‘intercom trust’ & those running a so called ‘diversity’ pride as a voice piece for the local institutions (police & county Council) which have traditionally been homophobic, have made it quite clear gay men, gay women & gay youth equality campaigners are NOT welcome at a institutinal ‘diversity’ pride event.

    They are also busy re-writting & dismissing local LGBT history.

    Only in a primitive gay backwater like Cornwall could gay people let this happen. So well done Manchester Gay Pride for devoting so much to gay history!

  2. Very excited to see the Marilyn Monroe dresses at the Travilla exhibit. I just heard from a friend who saw the show in Bath and she said it was amazing!

  3. It’s a shame it’s so expensive just to stand on the streets. I understand it costs money to put on, and loads to put on if it’s in a park or somewhere but it’s a bit cheeky asking people to pay just to get into the gay village on the day. They used to raise money for charity, but I dont see any mention of that anymore. Has it become a lot more expensive to run, or is it making someone a nice income?

  4. Pride Launch Interrupted by Protesters 16 Aug 2008, 6:02pm

    Pink News should really do a story on what happened at the official launch of Manchester Pride last night….

    Indymedia is saying…

    “Young Activists Ejected from Lord Mayor’s Reception – Council Balloon Launch Ambushed in Surprise “Birthday” Message – Around half a dozen young gay activists gave Manchester Pride an unexpected surprise this evening when they surrounded the imminent balloon launch set to mark the event’s 18th anniversary. City wide LGBT event faces tension within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.”

  5. Yeah gay pride is a good thing, but fraud is not. I just would like to give me sisters heads up and watch out for the scam at the Palace Hotel. It has a long and very controversial history. It is said that the dresses were made decades after Marilyn has left this earth. Why would they charge to look at some copies? I mean come on, I know some fabulous drags that have better costumes with more details to the real deal than those that are going to be on display.

    And I just found this story, it is shocking what is possible, all in the name of ‘Gay Pride.’

    Even frauds, hoaxes and scams.

    My personal advise: skip that one.

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