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McKellen and Callow strike out at anti-gay bishop

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  1. Bishop Devine would be doing more good if he concentrated a little more on loving his neighbour, as Christ commanded him, and making a contribution to tackling the poverty that exists in his own diocese, right under his nose!!!!
    I look forward to the day when homophobic churchmen and politicians have to eat their words – it’ll be one heall of a feast!!!!!

  2. Yes, here we are again! How dare the Bishop compare the punishment given to Oscar Wilde to the way an equally talented Gay man is honoured by the Queen in this day and age; he should remember it was not a good idea to be a Catholic in this country under certain Tudor monarchs who had them burnt alive for their religious views…….!

  3. relgion is running scared as they no longer have the hold that they used too. We all know too much , need proof, not belief. I am gay, I am here, I am now.

  4. Dennis Hambridge 11 Aug 2008, 4:30pm

    The Catholic Church bigots are in fact destroying the Church, as flocks dwindle we must all greatly cheer that one day this Bigoted Facist church movement will no longer exist, i hope i am about to see it.

  5. Dennis Hambridge 11 Aug 2008, 4:35pm

    Let the Catholic church BIGOTS shhot themselves in the feet,the same as BIGOT Anglians, We are be subjected to God not thier NEO-Facists attidudes the flocks are ever dwindling and serves them right. I hope i am still about to see the downfall of them

  6. on the one hand the Church and its minions interfere in matters temporal, either directly in the HoL and giving “guidance during elections and parliamentary votes, indirectly by lobbying govt officials; on the other they complain when non-Xians comment on their internal affairs).


  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Aug 2008, 1:47pm

    Religion is a polite word for cult! This is what all “religions” are. Brainwashing, primitive belief systems.

  8. Simon Murphy 12 Aug 2008, 4:13pm

    Feel free to drop bishop Devine an email to tell him how you feel about his comments. His email address is

  9. We shouldn’t be surprised that Joseph Devine takes such a cavalier approach to truth, or slandering LGTB people, after all, the vast majority of Christian clergy are essentially professional dissimulators – though some are more vicious than others.

    By “professional dissimulators” I mean they’re just not honest with their congregations about what they have (or should have) learned in their theological studies.

    They know that the Apostolic generation of Christians ERRONEOUSLY proclaimed the imminent, apocalyptic arrival of the Kingdom of God – and that their prediction was utterly wrong.

    If the Apostles were wrong about the very CORE of their message, what ELSE were they wrong about?

    (quick ref: google skepticsannotatedbible End)

    If clergy told the truth, their prestige, power & ‘authority’ would go straight down the pan!

  10. James Lees 22 Aug 2008, 7:51am

    Devine is bishop of probably the most deprived area of Scotland, and in fact of Europe. He is using a rabble-rousing issue to keep attention away from the real issues. People increasingly know this.

    Everything he stands for is on the run. So long as we continue to expose the humbug and don’t get too full of humbug orselves, we’ll be OK – and they won’t.

  11. Isn’t amazing that all these religious leaders expel more energy attacking people’s sexuality and life style choices when they could use their voice and position to tackle war, poverty, disease etc…

    Again religious people are trying to be moralistic when they haven’t the slightest clue what morals are. Morals are a way to evaluate whether your actions affect someone negatively or positively not whether something you do pleases or displeases an imaginary creator. People matter not magical fantasies.

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