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Video: Kanye West asks his fans to turn their back on gay hate

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Aug 2008, 11:13am

    Well done, Kanye. Doesn’t say much about our political or religious leaders does it?

  2. Respect!

  3. Lovely sentiment, but this is coming from the dude who says “Dyke” in his last single. Oh, the irony.

  4. Thank you for standing up for human rights. Now please come say that in South Africa. Most South Africans hate gay people and are trying to revoke all their rights, with the support of the current ruling party and with the support of most of the local media.

  5. Its great that he has spoken out against hate; can he please go and tell his Jamaican Cousins to stop homophobic behaviour PLEASE!

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