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Teenager accused of murdering gay classmate pleads not guilty

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Reader comments

  1. james Nilsen 8 Aug 2008, 11:32pm

    What can I do to help? This is absolutely shocking!

  2. john wilfred sharp 9 Aug 2008, 3:48am

    how can he plead not guilty. when he was seen to kill the boy.
    is there no sense in justice ?

  3. Brynley Coetzee 11 Aug 2008, 7:13am

    I just cant believe that this story is so small, the entire world should be outraged – its like colombine – is it that different because its one victim and one perpetrator? Maybe its not news worthy and Michael Moore might not be able to make a movie out of it but come on, how long are we going to stand by as gay and straight etc people and act as though this is not a battle for our freedom and rights to life and hapiness?

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