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Hollyoaks actor calls on Iris to resign over gay comments

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Reader comments

  1. Iris Robinson is just using religion to hide behide, like most anti gay people. We are what we are and there far more happier gay people people about then straight. She is just using the gay population to get her noticed, To me this only goes to show the sort MP she is, and she is not interested in other people but just herself. and to suggest gay see a Christian Psychiatrist, perhaps she alt to visit the Gaday website and she find more christians on there.

  2. Well done Gerard. The more pressure that can be brought on Robinson to resign, the better. If she doesn’t go of her own accord (unlikely) or is forced by other politicians or the police – what does that say about equal human rights in Northern Ireland?
    I do think this is a test case in the making, especially in relation to the gay community.

  3. PCG from Portugal 9 Aug 2008, 2:31am

    I am convinced that both Mrs and Mr Robinson should resign, they are not up to represent the people of Northern Ireland properly. If they do not resign, then I believe this should be brought to the European Court of Human Right as this is only institution, which oblige National and Regional Governments to do something to stop this sort of discrimination. People should never forget that inciting people to discriminate others and thus provoking violence is against the Law and hence making her and her political partners committing a Crime.

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