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Democratic convention platform short on LGBT issues

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 8 Aug 2008, 2:54pm

    No one should supprt any party or candidate who doesn’t support reasonable steps to end the war, exert a modicum of damage control over the collapsing economy and take real steps to harshly punish bigots.

    1. They should be for permanent, immediate and total withdrawal of all US military, espionage and mercenary units from the Middle East to US home bases.

    2. They should be willing to cut the US purse stings that pay for the apartheid system used against Palestinians.

    3. They should be for socialized medicine paid by extremely high taxes on the rich and taking away the profits and assets of insurance companies and HMOs plus the dividends paid by pharmaceutical companies.

    4. They should be adamantly against tax breaks, tax cuts and wasting taxpayer dollars on superstitious cults promoted by Santorum, Clinton, Bush/Rove, and Obama – the fraud of ‘faith’ based charities. They should be for punishing cult leaders whose hate speech advocates or empowers anti-GLBT violence.

    5.They should be willing to go all out for an inclusive ENDA that would make it easy to win big judgments from discriminatory employers. Even if that means splitting their party and expelling sellouts like Barney Frank.

    6.They should be for an inclusive housing bill that would make it easy to win big judgments from discriminatory lenders and landlords for ourselves and others.

    7.They should back a bill imposing harsh federal sentences on organizations, cults and individuals convicted of hate crimes and one that defines hate crimes to include harassment, violence and hate speech directed against the GLBT communities as well as others.

    8.They should be willing to propose and fight for a constitutional guarantee of a minimum wage of $25.00 an hour with full benefits, both adjusted semi-annually to fully account for inflation.

    9. They should agree to propose a federal law cutting the normal work week to 32 hours without loss of pay or benefits and with time and a half after 32 hours, and double time after eight hours in any day or 40 hours in any week.

    10.They should be for the repeal of all FTA’s – the NorthAmericanFTA, the KoreaFTA, the PeruFTA, and the CentralAmericanF TA. The FTA are anti-union, they impoverish working people and make the rich richer and they’re environmental disasters.

    11.They should be for twenty days of paid vacation for all workers in addition plus paid federal holidays plus paid sick leave if prescribed by a doctor, including a year of paid maternity leave.

    12.They should propose a federal law to protect workers who lose, or have lost their jobs because of outsourcing or efforts to control pollution. Those workers should be guaranteed reeducation and receive full income and benefits until they take a new job. In the case of those who lost their jobs to corporate outsourcing the costs of reeducation and living benefits should be paid for by a 100% tax on the dividends paid to corporate stockholders. In the case of jobs lost to anti-pollution effort the full cost of reeducation and full income and benefits should be paid by a 100% tax on the dividends paid to stockholders of all polluting corporations.

    13.They should enact laws that protect immigrant/imported workers at the same level as native workers.

    Bill Clinton ran his presidential campaign on the slogan “It’s the economy, stupid.” He was wrong as usual, because he was a right wing fraud much like Obama and McCain. It’s the stupid way the economy is organized by the rich and the parties they own, the Democrats and Republicans.

  2. This is exactly why I was shaking my head during the entire primary process, at those gays who were rabid about Obama. He’s personally against gay marriage, bad enough (and yes he did say this during debates), but he never made any explicit plan to do anything about gay rights (esp civil unions) during his term, if he were elected.

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