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Mayor Boris Johnson diverts Soho Pride funds to fight homophobic bullying

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Reader comments

  1. “The withdrawal of funding for the event could prove fatal and mean 2008 could be Soho Pride’s last year on the streets of London.”

    Oh get over it you selfish bastards. Like the “community” needs ten grand to finance what is essentially no more than a piss-up.
    (and we all know gay men couldn’t do that in a brewery without going bust or bitching at each other about who does what.)

    I admire Boris for having the foresight to see that the public money administered to LGBT people in London is used in a helpful and constructive manner, rather than paying for bangles and baubles.

  2. It bothers me to why there needs to be a second gay pride in Lodnon funded by tax payers? One is enough. I welcome Boris’s move. Money going into preventing homophobic bullying is something very well spent.

  3. I maybe missing the point here, but I agree with Rob’s basic arguement… London already has a pride event, why have two? No-one needs to fund what’s essentially a big piss-up – I mean it wasn’t as if the money was going to pay for anyone’s bar tab was it? If you’re proud and out and feel the urge to tell the world either organise your own party on the day or wait for the big one a week later. Is it cynical to suggest pride events without a parade are just an excuse for the clubs to charge double on the door for what they provide on any other night of the week?
    As for gay themed entertainment, I’m sure the community can find that without having to make a seperate event of it.
    I think it’s uncharacteristically smart of Boris to put the money somewhere it’ll make a genuine difference to the community – at least that’s the charity donation part covered!

  4. Justin H, London 9 Aug 2008, 10:31pm

    A better use of money – couldn’t more agree with Rob an Flapjack. Well done, Boris!

  5. I agree with all the comments above and welcome Boris’ decision, for 2 reasons:

    First, who needs outside money to fund a party anyway? All you need is a few DJs, a case of tunes and two Pioneer CDJ decks :-) As I recall, the best parties and best music were usually at impromptu, underground illegal events in remote fields in the cotswolds. (the only occasion when throwing money at parties had a beneficial effect was this example from the KLF in 1989, go to 5:00 on this: )

    Second, the scale of homophobic bullying appears to be such that, I do not want money spent on parties while others suffer in this city, ‘on our doorstep’. There is nothing to be proud of. And if people can afford to spend twenty quid on a round of drinks, and double that at various parties, they can afford a bit of loose change for the likes of childline. And I hope to see a few fund raisers milling among the crowds reminding people not to turn a blind eye to the plight of their comrades. Now that would be what I call ‘community spirit’.

    But if you’re that desperate for sponsorship money, I’m sure you can give some chic underwear manufacturer a call….

  6. Jasmine Taylor 11 Aug 2008, 11:19am

    The event is a commercial party. It would be wrong for it to receive public funds.

  7. I’m torn on this one. Yes, bullying must be stopped. But tell me if the city of London cannot come up with $20000, to do both. We arent talking about a Million Pounds here.

    And gay pride events are one of the key ways to engage the community, be OUT, but I think need more of a political vs party atmosphere.

    And I think Boris has a suspect record re gay equality. Need to really win him over. That would be more valuable then the soho minipride festival, which I suspect could be financed easily by the ocmmunity

  8. Brent Fisher 17 Aug 2008, 2:10pm

    Soho Pride is a cool party. I just dont think the tax paper should fund my fun – much as I’d love them too!

    This is so different from Manchester where there are protests at the entire gay village is ticket only entry for 4 whole days. At least all the London events are free! Mind you if Soho Pride was a couple of quid to get in I bet noone would mind – its not like the massive amount for Manchester. No wonder everyone up there is so angry AND the council actually run/own Manchester Pride so must be making a profit. Actually better shut up before Boris gets ideas ;0)

  9. If it was my decision i probably would just given 20,000 to stop gay bashing in schools, pride doesn’t need more funding
    If it did it would be to pay entrance fees for everyone for the clubs

    The worst thing about pride every year is havin someone hanging onto you drunk asking u out and having to pay up to £20 to get in the clubs

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