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Rowan Williams “a prisoner of the Lambeth mafia” claims gay activist

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Reader comments

  1. According to an article published by the National Secular Society, Mr Tatchell is an atheist. What possible weight can he imagine his views carry on the current controversy in Anglicanism? Of course he is entitled to his half-arsed musings on the divine (to quote Mitchell and Webb), but why report them? The opinions of this publicity-seeking has-been are as relevant and as newsworthy as my views on the relative merits of female sanitary products.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Aug 2008, 5:12pm

    rjb, why should someone being an atheist bother you and why should that preclude them from making any comment and why shouldn’t they be reported? I’m an atheist too, so what? Wrong is wrong, no matter how you try to skew it.

  3. RJB, it is not necessary to believe in a series of mythical, supernatural events in the Middle East, to know right from wrong.

    The whole two-million pound Lambeth jamboree, (how many mosquito nets would that have bought??), showed not just the irrelevance and ignorance of the church, but that when you call yourself a man of faith, you can get away with the deepest insults to human dignity. It showed also how faith makes otherwise good people do and say pretty nasty things – and that’s why it is a moral necessity for the rest of us to ridicule people who believe this utter nonsense. It is appalling that Dr Williams puts unity with those Ugandan and Nigerian bishops, who encourage or wash their hands of the violence against gay people in their own countries. You do not need to invoke the supernatural to see this. After the Lambeth circus, a very serious question must be asked: in what way is a bishop better placed to be moral than e.g. a cleaning lady, plumber, or the average man in the street?

    Also RJB, if you think non-believers should not have their opinion heard, fine. But then I imagine you would fully agree that the church should not be funded through the taxes, and the vast majority of the non-church going public; and that the church should also relinquish all positions in the house of Lords? We gay people pay to be insulted, in effect.

  4. Bemused as ever (yes, another atheist) that anyone actually believes in all this nonsense what I find essentially interesting is that the church in this country is being dictated to and by extension governed by a bunch of unreconstructed foreigners whose beliefs are those of the 19th century colonial missionaries. Time to move on!

  5. RJB – I always thought all musings on the divine were by their very nature half-arsed! Unless you have a personal hotline to god, it’s impossible to know who he is, what he stands for, and most importanty whether he exists.
    Or even if he’s a he.
    And that applies whether you’re atheist or religious – I should know, I’ve been both.

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