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‘God Hates Fags’ sect to picket show about their founder

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  1. If Phelps and Co are in Heaven [which I very much doubt]Hell would be infinitely preferable!!!!

  2. This is what happens to perfectly beautiful minds when they are contaminated with religious beliefs and fervour. Shouldn’t the brainwashing of children with religious nonsense now be classified as child abuse? And we in this country are promoting “Faith Schools”. Well don’t be surprised if we produce more idiots like Phelps.

  3. Isn’t it like a compliment to be hated by Phelps & Co? I mean if they hate you it must mean that you are doing something right. Why are they so obsessed about what other people are doing in the bed room? Clearly bible reading should be restricted to people who can handle it instead of picking out the verses they like and then use those “arguments” to spew hate filled propaganda while foaming at the mouth. Also their little habit of picking funerals disgust me if I ever would witness them doing such thing I would try to punch their teeth in and I don’t really believe in violence.

  4. Seeing as Fred Phelps has a Noah complex, i.e. everyone else in the world is bound for the fiery pit by the almighty barring himself and his bizarre family (who seem to make up the lion’s share of his congregation) due to being either a “fag” or a “fag enabler” (his words not mine) I can’t see even other right wing fundamentalists having a problem with anyone taking the piss out of him. According to Phelps, unless you are a pro-active homophobe you’re a condemned man by default. This even includes other homophobic fundie preachers, though how he thinks he’s furthered the cause of homophobia any more than any of them is anyone’s guess.
    He’s well into the batshit crazy zone.
    He’s the world’s best advert for atheism and gay lifestyles. We just show what he’s like and say “this is an example of the alternative to being rational/ liberal minded”. In my book that makes him a “fag enabler”!

  5. Yawn.Is anyone still paying attention?

  6. So he hates Canada, Sweden (have you read his comments about the poor Royals?)the US and possibly everyone on the planet who is not part of his so called “Church”. It would be laughable if he didn’t indoctrinate children and abuse war widows!

  7. Mike – I’m sure it doesn’t stop at everyone on the planet, if Phelps saw evidence of life on other planets, they’d most likely be “fag-enablers” too!

  8. Omar Kuddus 7 Aug 2008, 4:45pm

    Its good to see that someone is giving them, a taste of their own vile medicine and showing how true Bigots should be dealt with.

  9. That is quite possibly the best letter I’ve ever read. I am full of love for all mankind now.

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