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Ad standards authority investigating homophobic advert

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  1. Here we go again! The Bible says Gays are wicked (well homosexuals and sodomites). God says we are an abomination? We are told God made us. God is supposed to be perfect so how can he make abominations? Who can know the mind of God? Well if s/he exists its a tricky one but if not who cares!

  2. rule of thumb: substitute “black” for gay/lesbian, and then see if it’s hate and discrimination.

    Pity the authorities don’t take this line

  3. Sex, sex, sex. Can’t these religious bigots think about anything else? What a bizarre obsession – maybe they should seek psychiatric help?

    And, yes, apYrs – that’s a very good test, and one I use if I’m afraid that I’m being paranoid or hypersensitive.

  4. John Paul 6 Aug 2008, 3:57pm

    I agree with Mike. The universe, as we know it (not the silly 6000 year old Adam & Eve model believed by small children and fools), is 93 billion light years across and holds an almost infinite array of stars, galaxies and worlds, and with a complexity and balance that is staggering to the human mind… and we have barely scratched the surface.

    So doesn’t seem a little arrogant that a bunch of twits, like the DUP and their archaic church, think that they know the will and desires of a being supposedly able to create all this? And all from a little book written centuries ago by man on this planet? If their is a god, he doesn’t give a hoot about two consenting adults.

    What we have here is a bunch of small minds spouting even smaller ideas. It sickens me that in this day and age, despite all our advances and learning, that people like Iris and her clan are allowed to exist as supposedly intelligent people in society.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 Aug 2008, 5:04pm

    John Paul, exactly. If these socalled “christian” fundamentalists are so bent on quoting scripture to justify discrimination and bigotry that are counter to christianity, then they must also condone incest. Lets not forget, they believe Adam & Eve were the first parents of the human race who begat several children. Now….for the world to be populated, would not their children had to have had incest in order to populate? This brings into question the mindset behind these religious zealots. We all know what incest means and the mental and physical aberrations it produces. Is it no wonder then that these morons do what they do? They are after all the descendant progeny of Adam & Eve’s children, damaged goods, enough said!

  6. Absolutely right, Robert.
    According to the Bible, Adam and Eve had THREE SONS, Cain, Abel and Seth; not a mention of a daughter anywhere!!!!
    Of course, these people also believe in a six-day creation; and will argue that God manufactured the dinosaur fossils … are they saying God is deceitful?

  7. The “perverts” are those who pervert Christian truth to harm and threaten others.Once it was the Roman Catholics they persecuted with their polluted christianity and now they have turned their attention to the gay community.

  8. Ah John Paul – (another argument worth considering is that in 2 billion years, Andromeda will collide with our pathetic little solar system and send us flying into nomans land. Something will be nothing again. The designer must be an apprentice designer, fired in round one.)

    See the schoolkids reactions on The Genius of Charles Darwin on Channel 4 last monday, and you’ll see what I mean: People often stick with their faith, no matter how many fossils you show them on beaches…. if you taught people about evolution from the age of 8 onwards, you might help people think more rationally. Over 40 schools are brainwashing kids with the genesis myth in schools in the UK today, thanks to tony blairs faith school initiative.

  9. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 7 Aug 2008, 2:00am

    There’s some history here that explains the origins of the unionist/christists pervasive, rampaging homophobia. Tony Drew’s article alluded to it when he noted that the free presbyterian cult was founded by the same bigoted thug, Ian Paisley, who led the ultraright DUP. He and his christist helpmate, Baroness Paisley of St George’s, produced a litter of four stout-hearted free presbyterian thugs, at least one of whom, Ian Jr., was indicted for fraud just like his daddy.

    Paisley’s ultraright party/cult led the charge to enforce an apartheid-like regime against the Irish for decades using terrorism as their weapon of choice. It got so bad that Paisley was almost arrested at the height of one of the DUPs offensives. The DUP tried to reserve good jobs for colonist settlers, enforce strict discrimination in education and housing and promoted ghettoization. Recently after Sinn Féin, the all Ireland socialist leaning pro-independence party successfully defended the Irish and became their leading party Paisley’s DUP was forced to back down.

    Unable to exercise their compulsive hatreds on the Irish anymore the Paisleyites in the DUP and the free presbyterian cult look around for new ‘victims’ and retargeted against the GLBT communities. They also engage in racist attacks on European and Middle Eastern immigrants. The same sort of retargeting occurred in the US after racism became unpopular and because African and Native Americans began kicking the s**t out of ‘disrespectful’ KKK types. All the violence against these communities stems from Paisleyite bigotry and racism and the homophobia of other christists like the catholic cult.

  10. shane wilson 7 Aug 2008, 10:51am

    Hey ho. Get used to it, there are LOTS of people that hate us and would dearly love to smite us, but this does not mean that we should shut up about it. I lived through the hell of apartheid with my partner, when simply to BE gay was a crime (LOL, a gay in drag could be arrested, but not be prosecuted as long as he was wearing men’s underpants under the outfit-to-die-for); apartheid no longer exists, well, at least officially, but the attitudes of most here have not changed. We have had recent issue about homophobia in our press, we ARE NOT letting it rest, and the gay community here is really doing something about it. Murder and rape of gay people by the straights is a fact of life here.

    One must expect hate and disdain from those who are not as we are, but what I don’t understand is this: straights MAKE us, so why do they still hate us?

    I have nothing per se against people who are religious, and by this I mean ALL religions, including new age woosies; but I have noticed that by far most religious people are as thick as two brick, so maybe that explains their intolerance.

  11. Leviticus is usually the base document for this excessive homophobia of right wing Christian groups. If you read it you will find out that its all about masturbation, bodily fluids and suchlike and quickly draw the conclusion that it must have been written by an excessive compulsive with a perverted sense of cleanliness, with just a touch of homophobia and misogynism. (by the way this was a Jewish writing of around 1300BC and the Jews allegedly forced the Romans to have Jesus Christ crucified?!) As Ghandi said, “I like your Christ but I am not too sure about some of his followers!”

  12. The church seems to exist on hatred. Recently The gay community has been blamed for the collapse of human civilization. “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”…………. It was the church that went into Africa and upset the balanced communities, kidnapping young boys from families to turn them into priests. It was the church that went to the middle East ransacking other religious groups and faiths. It was the church that burned women as witches because these women were doing the job of healer and midwife better than the misoginistic “doctors” and clerics. Throughout history, the religious leaders of the church have spread hatred, deceit, and a narrow view of the world. The gay community has been blamed for everything, including hurricanes, global warming (my personal favourite..does gay sex produce more carbon gasses than hetro?). There is a quote from an ex American gay soidier which says, “the world would rather see two men holding guns than hands”. A lot of the wars and conflicts around the world are sparked off by religious bigotry and intollerance, isn’t it time the church got behind a banner of love and understanding. what is the saying “judge not, lest ye be judged”. Hatred destroys the hater, the church and its dwindling numbers is grasping at any extremist in order to keep itself alive. How could two people showing love and affection be wrong. And don’t quote religious texts, they are open to too much interpretation. The church itself spends years debating the meaning behind its texts. nuff said
    Peace, love and understanding
    Ric XX

  13. Nice one shane wilson.

    Denouncing apartheid, then following it up with some bigotry.

  14. does anyone know if the ASA has made a decision yet?

  15. does anyone know if the ASA has come to a decision over the advert yet?

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