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Transgender murder victim referred to as “it”

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Reader comments

  1. Unfortunately Angie probably did not have any trans women as close friends. The older trans women I know are always trying to tell the younger girls to tell guys “what the deal is”, because not doing so can get you beat up or killed.

  2. Karen Robinson 5 Aug 2008, 6:11pm

    I work in the town where this happened, and I am very sad about it. Last Sunday our church, Foothills Unitarian, had a moment of silence for Angie Zapata while the minister lit a candle in her memory.

  3. Angie was obviously very brave in life and an inspiration to all who knew her. I hope in death her memory will continue to show the strength and beauty of her life. I will remember her name.

  4. Not clear whether she was a shemale or transexual. I would say she should have been honest with him, but would it have mattered? What was an 18 year old kid doing with a guy my age? It’s a shame that this happened. She looked like a girl to me. I think she was pretty. It’s more of a shame that this nut killed her than him not seeing her as human.

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