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Tebbit’s claims about gay parenting not backed by “credible evidence”

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Reader comments

  1. Come on norman, give it up

  2. Justin Hinchcliffe 5 Aug 2008, 4:53pm

    Norman Tebbit is entitled to his views. We’re not living in Zimbabwe yet, despite ZanuLabour’s best efforts.

    Norman is from a different generation to most of us. Nobody seriously takes him seriously – not even in the Conservative Party.

  3. “ZanuLabour”?

    Sounds like the kind of drivel I can read on the BBC’s Have Your Say forum – regular reader of the Daily Mail I’m guessing?

  4. And while he may very well be entitled to his opinion, he is talking utter rubbish – the research into the successfulness of same sex parenting has shown that gay and lesbian parents are just as good, and in some instances better, as heterosexual couples. Tebbit’s opinions come for the misdirected idea that research into single mothers – which showed that the problems of divorce and poverty had a impact on the wellbeing of children – also somehow magically applies to same sex couples, as they are missing an opposite gendered parent.

    People are entiltled to their opinions – but not when it could be influencing social policy and denying potential parents from adopting at time when there are more children in care than there are adoptive and foster parents.

  5. Justin Hinchcliffe 5 Aug 2008, 5:22pm

    I agree he was talking utter rubbish. No, I don’t read the Daily Mail and, even if I did, what’s it got to do with you?

    You’re a typical socialist: you know what’s best for individuals. You know what we should read and how we should think. I’m sorry, but you’ll never get your way.

  6. Norma Tepid? I thought she died a long time ago… oh well not long now til she joins the ranks of those arch bigots Young, Whitehouse and Thatcher…

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 5 Aug 2008, 6:30pm

    Actually, the renowned American Psychiatric Association has stated that gay parents do a very good job of parenting. Their children often do not grow up to be gay either as some right wing bigots try to imply. Sexual orientation has absolutely no negative impact on the way children are raised or how they develop. The only difference would be that their children would grow up to be less judgmental and far more tolerant of difference? Bigotry and religious indoctrination are learned behaviours.

    Justin….since conservatives are so averse to socialism, then why do they participate in the national health service, state schools, have their children serve in the military, police force, use public libraries, museums ad nauseum? Are they not all socialist programs paid for by the taxpayers, of the people, by the people and for the people? If conservatives want no part of that, then pray tell, how will these services be paid for?

    If Cameron is so committed to equality, why is he not berating Tebbit? Do you really think Tebbit is alone in this? He has a huge amount of support in the hierarchy of the C of E, among others, traditional supporters of conservatism.

  8. I wouldn’t descirbe myself as a socialist, nor do I vote Labour – I just find it distasteful to compare the current situation in Zimbabwe to our own Government, which, like them or not, was voted for democratically.

  9. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 5 Aug 2008, 11:04pm

    Tebbit’s harsh bigotry is common enough among Tories (just Google the words Conservative, Tory, and bigotry or look them up in the annals of PinkNew). Their bigotry, like that of Der Poop, Akinola, the BNP and the DUP, abets and empowers the thugs who commit violence.

    All three rightwing parties share a common program of opposition to rigorous enforcement of hate crime laws, efforts to end bigotry in the police forces by passing laws mandating that bigots be fired and lose their pensions, opposition to lesbian and women’s reproductive rights and opposition to hate speech laws.

    These reactionary parties, allies and often client parties of the US Republican Party, merge with the efforts of christist and islamist cults to create an sustain an atmosphere of hatred and violence that leads inevitably to harassment, beatings and murders.

    Opposition to full equality is bigotry.

  10. Edward in Los Angeles 6 Aug 2008, 2:09am

    When the good Lord spouts bigotry like this, is he DOING or being???
    Is he BEING a human being, or he is simply DOING what he does best – talk absolute rubbish??? LOL

  11. Tebbit can commit sodomy with his wife. She can even peg him. The fact that he doesn’t like it doesn’t affect the fact that many heterosexual couples do. Similarly many homosexual men don’t practise sodomy. It just shows Tebbit is talk out of his arse.

  12. Edit above. Sorry. talk = is talking.

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 Aug 2008, 2:41pm

    Bill, I thoroughly concur, opposition to full equality most definitely is bigotry!

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