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South Carolina tourism director speaks up for gay tube adverts

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Roberts - Chief Exe Amro Worldwide 5 Aug 2008, 5:41pm

    I’m Andrew Roberts, Chief Executive of Amro Worldwide, the gay travel company that placed the adverts on the London Tube in conjuction with New Orleans, Atlanta, Boston, Washington, DC and Las Vegas. Thank you for the excellent reporting of this story which does seem to run and run largely due to the confused responses emanating from SC PRT.
    This was a campaign targeted at getting more gay men and women to visit South Carolina and the other destinations featured.
    Amro Worldwide is a licensed gay travel specialist company delivering destinations throughout the world – we invite your readers to check this out by visiting our website at
    Amro Worldwide had not even planned to include SC initially – they pursued us seeking to become involved.
    We have seen an upswing in interest for the other destinations featured in the campaign — but we are saddened that areas of South Carolina which need tourist dollars will not benefit and may even suffer as a result of the SC PRT response.
    Here’s hoping that in the long run gays and lesbians can be made to feel respected and welcomed by the SC tourism industry. If we can help provide gay travel solutions — to most parts of the world — in the meantime, so much the better.