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Lord Tebbit attacks Tory support for gay parents

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting. I never thought I’d agree with a Conservative on the issue of homosexuality in my lifetime. Michael Gove seems to have understood homosexuality. Unlike Norman Tebbitt who seems to still be ignorant of the issue and can only see as far as “two people of the same sex sharing a bed”. What a perverted mind this man must have.

    “Every statistic shows that children grow up more likely to do well in school, stay out of trouble, and have a happier life if they have both a male and female role model.”

    That’s great! But we shouldn’t just cast aside those children who have not been lucky enough to grow up under this model.

    “Too often we look at these things from the point of view of the adult rather than the child. I think that adoption by homosexual couples is unsatisfactory for the child”.

    No we don’t. Ask any local authority adoption service and they will confirm that the entire process is focused on the child *not* the potential adopters.

    “What homosexual people choose to do under their duvets is up to them, but the example they set to children is of interest to society as a whole.”

    Exactly. Being faithful, honest, supportive and loving is not a trait only the reserve of opposite-sex couples. The only difference between opposite-sex and same-sex couples is that same-sex couples are more likely to accept their child should they be different.

    Sounds like Norman Tebbitt promotes “hate as a family value”.

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Aug 2008, 1:27pm

    No doubt this will spark the usually comment from people about the Conservative Party not having changed, although I think it actually provides the point that it has. The Tory old guard have just been roundly slagged off by Michael Gove who could scarcely have said more in support of gay equality.

    Interesting too that young upstarts like Michael, as he would have been considered only a few years ago, have sufficient standing in the party to start laying into Tebbit without too much concern about any repercussions. This really re-enforces the point that Tebbit & Co have lost not only power but standing in the party as well.

  3. Like PJW, I didn’t expect to agree with a Tory on the subject either. It’s the usual predictable rubbish from Tebbitt – a man who could seriously claim that lesbians and gay men would rush into civil partnerships purely in order to avoid inheritance tax (as he did during the debate on cp legislation) clearly has no idea of how many people live their lives – but he never did have on other topics either!

  4. Steve Cross 5 Aug 2008, 2:27pm

    Tebbit should show respect for people who have different values from his own. Modern Man now has the opportunity to employ multi-perspectives; to entertain only one view is ignorant, and not the qualification for a leader. Mr Tebbit, remove yourself from public life and then get educated.

  5. I’m sorry, but I’m with Norman on this one. Firstly, the usual Gay Press bias: Norman Tebbit did not “attack” anyone, he merely gave his opinion, much like we do on here.

    It is pretty common knowledge that gay men are selfish and self obsessed, and that what few gay couples are in relationships, they hang by a thread, or alternatively opt for the sham known as an “open relationship”. I don’t deny that there are good gay fathers, or gay men that might make good parents, equally there are many straight couples who bring up children atrociously.

    However, in the real, some say ideal, world, a child needs parents of both sexes to provide the balance. Both the mother and the father play roles within the family relationship that help with the needs of the child at a very vulnerable and impressionable time.
    There are many single parents, or children with foster parents, step parents and suchlike, and I think gay parents are of that same ilk. If children can live in a “one mum, one dad” environment, all the better, and other alternatives should always have to play second fiddle to that scenario.

    Much that many gay men want total equality, (they would demand to get pregnant if they thought they could), we are NOT the same. Deal with it, and do what you do best, look after yourselves.

  6. You obviously dont know any gay men, especially ones with kids. Your comments are unfounded and unfair & suggesting that anything other than male/female families should play ‘second fiddle’ is shocking & offensive! I dare not ask what you think of lesbians having children. I accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion but when that opinion actively dicriminates & seeks to alienate people I dont agree with that. By the way, the people in my life who have been in a monogamus, loving relationships for many, many years – are gay men.

  7. Rob – you are clearly as witless as Tebbit. Don’t allow your petty prejudice to cloud an enquiring mind.

    If you believe all the tosh about man/woman being the only way to bring up children without spawning the progeny of satan then more fool you.

    Look around you – all those children that behave like they are feral descendants of early man, what has gone wrong with them? Gay parents? Nope. Single parents? Not enough of them around to contribute that much. Married/partnered heterosexuals? BINGO! Give your “type” a prize for contributing so much noxious hideousness to society.

    At least if these morons were parented by gay people they’d:

    a) have a sense of style

    b) not be quite so revoltingly badly behaved

    See what I did there? Yep, that’s right, used stereotyping to bolster my argument.

    As an aside… thank goodness I am NOT the same as you, I’d have to hate myself for holding such a repellent, blinkered and jaded world view as yours.

  8. A sad man Tebbitt- he has never really recovered from the bombing of the Brighton Hotel.

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 5 Aug 2008, 3:38pm

    Rob, so what do you say to widows and widowers doing a fantastic job raising their children who grow up to be well adjusted, do well in school and become productive citizens? Why should they be compelled to marry for the sake of raising a child which is what you’re implying? What about the majority of troubled children who come from straight marriages….? Why do these children grow up to be criminals, take drugs, do badly in school, commit rape, murder and mayhem, some even terrorists? Your argument is flawed and so is Tebbit’s but one borne out of ignorance and homophobia.

  10. rex in big brother seems pretty sorted and he has a gay dad.

    PLEASE PLEASE forgive me for bringing big brother into this serious thread. Head hung low with shame.

  11. Rob, Granted you are entirely within your rights to hold such a view, however I am equally entitled to challenge your opinion even though yours is clearly based on an outdated stereotype. I am a gay man, with the same partner for 15 years. We met when it was illegal to have consentual sex, we were both 20. We are in a committed relationship, 2 adopted boys, our own house, 2 cars and take at least one foreign holiday a year. Now that might not be the gay cliché you seem to think still applies to gay people of all ages today, this is in fact the reality.

    Such a sweeping generalisation wins you no reputable followers.

  12. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Aug 2008, 4:12pm

    Rob, check out research by the Maudsley hospital that shows exactly the opposite is true. They have a very long running project to look at the effect on children and their outcomes when brought up by gay and lesbian parents as opposed to heterosexual parents and the research shows that the kids in the gay households here happier, healthier, brighter and better equipped for adult life that their straight reared counterparts.

    On the issue of it being “common knowledge that gay men are selfish and self obsessed”, sounds like you’ve been sleeping with the wrong sort of men. Just because you’ve not been lucky in love, and had a few bad experiences, it hardly justifies you tarring every gay and lesbian in the country with the same brush.

  13. Its nice to see the Tories still nailing their true colours to the mast! Thats the homophobic bigot flag of course and not the touchy feely “we love gays” Cameron propaganda! Section 28 is all I have to say! (however, a little tale about Mr Tebbit when he was a pilot for BA was a well known letch, always wanting to have the most sexy trolly dolly’s on his flight (pity most of them were blokes!)

  14. Does anyone REALLY care what Norman thinks? – yesterday’s man, with yesterday’s policies … and they didn’t work yesterday and they’re not going to work today.

  15. Kids don’t care if their parents are LGBT or not, but there is evidence, first hand accounts, from adoptees and the donor-conceived too, that they all too often are very upset at being away from their roots. Sometimes this upset is assuaged by information gathering when tracing roots, or something much more sentimental such as you see on re-unions often televised on Oprah or Trisha. The real modernity is to be found on the Donor Sibling Registry for example or another site called Bastard Nation. Yep, adult adoptees are that angry that they live within a situationist on-line rudeness, still having US five states to persuadeto open their birth records. Please lets listen up?!

  16. i have to say its about time this old pathetic and completely out of touch man was put out to pasture permanently
    if the tories ever hope to get back into power then they have to leave the views that this man espouses well behind ……back in the dark ages and hopefully Tebbit with them

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