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LGBT youth activist wants action after death of teen following homophobic attack

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  1. Meanwhile the “faiths”, who have so much to say on homosexuality remain silent and therefore complicit because this is how their “holy book(s)” opposition to homosexuality gets translated into actions on the street. Hope they are very proud of themselves.

  2. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 5 Aug 2008, 10:20pm

    Excellent idea. The demonstrations should be at the roman and agnlican cult cathedrals and at Conservative and BNP headquarters.

  3. Jack Holroyde 6 Aug 2008, 12:13am

    I could sit here and type how sorry I am that such a horrendous thing has happened, and how my feelings went out to his family and friends.
    Does me spouting that ACTUALLY help the family of this lad?

    What I want to ask is WHY did this happen?
    Merseyside Police claim they have anti-hatecrime strategies in place to prevent the likelihood of such a thing happening, but only a week before, a young black guy was killed in the SAME PLACE for the colour of his skin. Starts to ring alarm bells, doesn’t it.

    Let me tell you about a young lad called Jodie Debrovsky. Jodie was stabbed to death on Clapham Common in London, in October 2005.
    Right across London, there was uproar. People were horrified that such a thing could still happen.
    Mayor Ken Livingstone even issued a statement on the matter.
    What did the Metropolitan Police do? The searched and found his killers (well done to Merseyside police for doing this with Michaels case).
    Then, they contacted young people in the city asking – ‘What can we do to protect you better?’
    The Met. Advisory board sprung up, helping them to anticipate problems and correct them before they occur. Now I’m not saying London is free of hatecrime – not at all.
    All I’m saying is that I don’t see Merseyside police doing a similar thing. To be honest, I don’t even see any papers but the local rag picking up the story.

    Is nobody interested in the fact that some poor sod has just been beaten up, spent 4 days in agonising pain in hospital, then finally given up the will to live?
    Am I safe when I leave my boyfriends flat? Can I go to Liverpool without getting killed for the effort?

    So, while I’m really feeling for his family at the moment, what they’re going through ain’t nothing compared to what Merseyside copshop are going to have to deal with when I get to them crying for the blood of whoever is supposed to liaising with the LGBT people of Liverpool.

  4. David Henry 6 Aug 2008, 2:59pm

    Well said Jack,

    No doubt it’s not only the Livepool Media who will sideline this story but also the London-centric gay media too. I mean for goodness sakes a young man has lost his life for being gay and if he were a Londoner there there would have been uproar as in the case of the victims killed on Clapham Common recently.

  5. I think you will find that the media country wide play down and bury stories of gay hate crime incidents & institutional homophobic abuse.

    In particular media DO NOT WANT TO KNOW (including the gay press) about institutional homophobia, (look who is paying for nice expensive adverts) in particular homophobic abuses carried out by the police!

    Summerskill of Stonewall was said to be SHOCKED at the findings of their 2008 research into Hate Crime in Britain. He needs to get out of the Stonewall Ivory tower more often then, as the research findings were NOTHING other than what some of us gay campaigners have been saying for years.

    ~ Only 1 in 4 homophobic incidents reported (any wonder, who wants to be additionally violated & abused by homophobic police like those in my area)
    ~ Only 1% of homophobic incidents reported result in a criminal conviction (Thats because the police & judicial system don’t give a flying fig for equality law or homophobic crime victims)

    Basically, there may well be equality laws, but the depth of homophobia within the police & criminal justice services means pretty much ‘buggar all’ notice is taken of equality laws at least NO NOTICE is taken in the one-eyed Kingdom of Chief Constable Steven Otter, where homophobic attitudes & practises of police officers are still protected.

    Its not ‘hoodie’ wearing youth most likely to abuse & violate a gay persons life where I live, but someone with a blue uniform, a warrant card & free reign to abuse their position of power.

    So I have to say well done Liverpool police for making an arrest (assuming they actually got the right people)?

  6. This “hate crime” stuff is garbage. Assault is assault. Murder is murder…murder is wrong regardless of the motivation. This is a political ploy to justify an unhealthy lifestyle, once again. Violence against anyone for reasons of sexual preference in wrong on any level, but we dont need the “hate crime” attached to it.

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