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India’s gay prince charms EuroPride

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Reader comments

  1. Tasse de Thé, site Lesbien Français 5 Aug 2008, 6:58pm

    Bonjour, Félicitation pour le Coming-Out courageux de ce Prince Gay ! Voici notre MESSAGE :
    ” For all the anonymus Lesbians and Gays people, who fell silently on the “Champs d’Honneur” of Injustice and the discrimination, the social inequality and human , the cruelty and the Barbary, Suffering without name … in all countries. All these anonymous wounded in their dignity as men and women in their flesh but also even more than the most sordid of racism often, because in their own family! We must we continue to revolt, we must raise a monument to the arrivals injury suffered on a daily basis, for the number of victims forgotten or ignored a history without seeming war, which has killed and led to suicide, which takes place yet today! ” For this reason, pay tribute to all those famous / or non / who had the immense courage to recover and to declare their homosexuality to the world … They are the heroes of our Nation! OUI AU MARIAGE HOMOSEXUEL !!
    Equipe de Tasse de Thé

    PS : Nous relayons toujours avec joie les infos de PINK NEWS sur Tasse de Thé !