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“Stay together, but not only as an association of polite friends”

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  1. If he had any guts, he would stand up for what is right and support gay people. He would condemn the african groups, whose opposition seems to be rooted in prehistory despisement of women, and any others who do not fit the macho image of the right wing power centers.

    And I hope that the community understands that lots of the african groups are being funded by right wing American zealots of enourmous wealth, who are so rich and isolated that they are totally blinded to the suffering of minority groups such as gays. For them, it no longer is money, it is all about power. Worshiping both their golden calf, and their ‘golden’ ego.

    The discharge of a Episcopal Bishop by the Episcopal heirarchy here in the states for joining with the bigots of anglicanism shows that the battle is over. Kiss the Episcopal church away, Mr Williams. It will stand here as a beacon of light for the world, true to the meaning of Jesus life on earth – God’s love for all his people.