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Tories to parade themselves at Brighton Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I think it’s fantastic that David is doing the float this year and showing everyone that you can be gay, tory and proud.

    Good work Doctor!

  2. Chuckster 1 Aug 2008, 2:38pm

    Excellent news – the Tories are not the party they once were and as they have moved on it is good to see the organisers of the main Pride events have too!

  3. The phrase “taking the bloody piss” springs to mind….

  4. I am gay and a very proud Conservative too! Great news.

  5. You left out the rest of the acronymn: LGBigTory….

  6. Are these the same local Tories who seem to think it’s okay for one of their members to publicly state that gay men are no different to paedophiles?

    Brighton Pride should also be ashamed of themselves for letting political parties, of all persuasions, from using Pride for blatant electioneering.

  7. Justin Hinchcliffe 1 Aug 2008, 6:37pm

    The Conservative Party has changed – and changed for the better. Nancy Platts in behind the times. If she thinks gay men and women will blindly vote for this failing and incompetent government then she’s in for a big shock!

  8. What short memories you have! Do you think that one float changes the view of the party that brought us the misery of section 28? You think that the leopard changes its spots? What about the tories being aligned with the Ulster Unionists, party of openly homophobic Iris Robinson whose obnoxious views are unchallenged by her own party? (Told to me by a tory councillor and prospective parlimentary candidate) This rather shows the tories trying to have it both ways.

    I remember Adrian Rogers’ despicable, vile and homophobic Tory campaign at just the last election. Do you think I am foolish to be taken in by paltry, cheap gimmicks? Shame!

  9. Well Matt, someone hasn’t been doing their reading and is clearly quite bitter as well. Most Senior Tories completely oppose Section 28 now, it was wrong and a horrible mistake but it is in the distant past. The left have even tired to accuse Boris Johnson of voting to keep Section 28 which is utter crap, I am well aware of his written work but look at Boris now – he is doing a fine job!
    Ulster Unionists are not widely seen as being homophobic. Iris Robinson belongs to the DUP, which is a different Unionist party. The Tories would never look to join forces with those since many hold ‘extreme’ religious persuasions.

    You claim about these Tories being abbhornetnyly homophobic, I know for a fact there are many Lib Dem and Labour councillors and peoples who disapprove of us as well, you can’t just believe in the past, all parties have homophobic tendencies.

    Also, don’t get me started on Labour’s apparent ease with Islamic homophobes.
    Look into the future, isn’t it great that we can all me members of all three main parties? It’s a great time in history. Vote Tory!

  10. The world changes. As a tory at University in the early 1980s my sexuality was very undercover. Frankly, if tories were that bigoted, would there be a gay man in the shadow cabinet? would there be a gay deputy mayor of London? would the last leader of Brighton & Hove Council be gay? Of course not.

    Let’s face it, Labour can’t win on what’s happening now, they have to cast back.

    Oh, and whilst I’m at it, Iris Robinson is a DUP MP, not a UUP one. Certainly no interaction between the Conservatives and the DUP.

  11. here here Matt!!!! Totally agree. All those taken in by the torys and their empty promises should go and check out their past voting record on all the bills that have been passed through the house of commona and lords regarding gay rights. Nearly all voted against. Even the gay ones voted against or abstained. Vote tory at your peril. They might save you mortgage, but the price will be your freedom on the whole of the LGBT community.

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Aug 2008, 4:02pm

    Matt, am totally with you.

    Ian….the tories have no choice if they’re to succeed, its not like they suddenly had a change of heart, its party leader could see how politically expedient it would be to have a handful of openly gay members in its party. Nothing new there and certainly not original. Cameron actually voted for and supported Section 28 I might remind you. You’re being manipulated by them to get elected. You won’t see much change once they occupy number 10 either.

    As for Iris Robinson, you can bet she’ll vote tory in the next general election, yet another bigot who supported Section 28, among others. She’d bring it back along with many tories if they could get away with it, make no mistake about that.

  13. Sister Mary Clarence 2 Aug 2008, 8:18pm

    “handful of openly gay members in its party”. Jesus Christ its like there’s a breach in the space time continuum and someone is poking their head through. The world has moved on a little since the Eighties for most of us anyway. I don’t think anyone is saying that Section 28 was a good thing, but those of us living in the UK may be a little more aware of exactly how much the country has gone to the dogs under Labour. F**k me, Boris Johnson seems to have more gay friends that Dorothy at the moment.

    We have had equalities legislation provided for us by Europe, not Labour, and I accept that whilst we should be grateful that we weren’t the last to enact it, we weren’t exactly at the front of the queue either.

    Gay people are smart enough to realise that equalities legislation isn’t the only thing that affects us and tens of thousands of us are going to lose their jobs in the recession we are plunging headlong into, without the safety net of reserves to bail us out.

    Almost every consumer gay or straight is going to have less money and indirect, stealth taxes will penalise us all. Public spending (or ‘borrowing’) is through the roof, although apparently Labour doesn’t consider that PFI and PPF agreements with largely foreign banks and companies and the ensuing thirty year loan repayments actually count as ‘borrowing’. Unfortunately though they are and as we can least afford it we will have to shell out enormous amounts of money in repayments.

    We have no industry left in the country and have not invested in anything to replace it. This may be fortunately in that we are about to enter an energy crisis, where we cannot provide sufficient power to maintain the needs of the country because dear old Labour have sat of their f**king hands for the last decade and done nothing to address the widely know crisis approaching. Despite having the single largest off shore sustainable energy capacity in Europe, which is now accepted by all but the government to be capable of supplying the entire country’s energy needs several times over, we are about to be hurled into a new age of nuclear power. F**k the environment and f**k the clean up costs, New Labour won’t be around to have to deal with it.

    We have entered into a guerrilla war with terrorists that we cannot win and is unlikely ever to end. We are second only the US in the most hated country in the world tables. We apparently are even having the decency to offer up a number of new nuclear targets for them to aim at.

    We have one of the most violent urban societies in the world, the prisons are full and the courts are being urged to give less and shorter custodial sentences for violent crimes.

    Under the Tories they couldn’t keep their cocks out of anything with a pulse, but Labour have shown themselves to be a crooked as the come. Peerages for sale, illegal donations, illegal loans, changes to electoral law to put a stop to it all, more illegal donations, apologies because they didn’t understand their own laws.

    Labour have got us where we are now and they are not going to get it out of it. So we can hark back to the early eighties or we can move on and start looking forward.

  14. Out and Proud and Tory – the Conservative float at Brighton pride was one of the most vibrant on the parade – mostly young LGB’s in their 20s. Its sad the bitter old lumbering Labour dinosaurs over 40 can’t accept they’ve had their day and there is a new generation of gay Britons who feel the Conservatives are the party of the future and the party now embraces people of all sexualities and backgrounds.

  15. Justin Hinchcliffe 4 Aug 2008, 6:39am

    You forget, ex-pat, that the Labour Front Bench supported Section28 when it was first introduced. You also have (perhaps due to being overseas for so long?) failed to grasp that Iris Robinson is a DUP MP – why would she vote Tory?

  16. Chuckster 4 Aug 2008, 9:38am

    This is hilarious – a thread of comments highlighting how the Tories have moved on and all of a sudden the Tory-haters dash out of their boltholes to pour bile on the very notion! Up until the mid-’90s I can understand why this happened, but times have changed and this “Ghetto Gay” mentality of loyalty to Labour is now seriously out-dated.

    I was at London Pride and saw a woman heckling Boris on Regent Street. She was shouting that he wasn’t welcome and “hadn’t done enough”. I didn’t really understand that second part and said to her “well isn’t being here today at least a step in the right direction, can’t you acknowledge that?”.

    In response her face, contorted with anger, and her language, equally ugly, showed that some people still live in the past.

  17. Have to laugh or I’d cry …
    …those wonderful Tories did so much for us last time they were in power Section 28 opposed reduction of age of consent to 16 even when 16 was sponsored by one of their own. Fought to keep gays out of the Army etc etc

    Since 1997 gays can serve in Military, Section 28 gone, reduction in age of consent to 16 (opposed in House of Lords by Tories so that Parliament Act had to be invoked!) opposition to Adoption from Tories but brought in by Labour, before Civil Partnerships Labour brought in visas for gay partners from abroad, then yes Europe brought in rights at work, but just work and yes Labour did bring that through to domestic law, but it was Labour that brought in Civil Partnerships and then rights for Goods and Services and those things still don’t exist in European Law and your Pension Rights are part of the Civil partnerships equivalence cos the European Work rights exclude that.

    Not a bad record for Labour – and you might say that the Tories would have done that if they’d been in power since 1997 but they didn’t before, and you might say that Tories have better economic sense – well not the evidence actually and this current position… think that’s the fault of the banks and the global economy and is going to get a lot worse before it gets better (if it ever does) regardless of who’s in power in the UK. But regardless of that the plain facts are in Gay rights terms the Tories could have done good for gays, but did bad, and the Labour did good.

  18. Seems some of you tory lovers have short memories as well. How about the tory opposition to Civil Partnerships? That’s hardly in the long and distant past. Nor tory opposition to the equality laws. You might have Cameron as leader for now but if the conservatives get into power at the next election, he’ll be swept aside like a leaf in a storm and the old tory right will re-emerge and that will soon put an end to equality in any form.

  19. Chuckster 4 Aug 2008, 5:08pm

    What? Like the old Labour Left swept Blair to one side? Won’t happen mate. Times have changed. The ‘victicrat’ mentality no longer holds the power it once did, much to the displeasure of some Labour strategists who lament the passing of yet another client group!

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Aug 2008, 6:28pm

    Adam, I think you need to look a bit closer at the Euro legislation that has been passed over the last few years.

    With regard to the current at which we are standing, a bit of money in the bank would have cushioned the blow as it is the economy is going to hit the ground hard and fast with the government having little of no ability to reduce the impact. The Tories have been banging on about a rainy days for at least the last two years. Well its about to piss down and there’s an awful lot of people going to we totally f**ked over.

  21. Luke, luke, The past is exactly what you have; a record. Tory voting records SINCE 1997 are consistent with their policies BEFORE this country finally did away with the rule of the smug bastards.

    Just because Boris made a cheap publicity stunt does not erase his written record of his opinions. Now opinions may change, and I sure hope HIS have! But one float does not a U turn make. Remember the age of consent vote? The equality vote?

    While Labour’s record on gay rights is not good, at least they did not allow religious exemption from the equality bill. This is quite a new thing, since the tories exempted religions from the working time regulations in 1992.

    It is not simply gay rights where the tories have badly served us; the last time they were entrusted with the economy there was a depression (soundbit into ‘recession’ in 1992-4).

    Also, they had a distressing habit of breaking the law, and not just the odd member, but many of them (who springs to mind? Hamilton, Aitken, Archer? That is just the ones who got caught!), treating us like idiots, much like you smug tories are doing on this comment board.

    I’m glad your world has moved on from the 1980s, Sister Mary Clarence, it could have been a wonderful decade had we not been ruled by c##ts, but as you say we can not live under such a vile regime as then! As for me, I have enjoyed the economic security that the Tories denied low income earners. I did move on; I moved to Labour, and no one has convinced me to move back!

  22. Chuckster 5 Aug 2008, 9:04am

    Forever living in the past…dreadful. What exactly is someone supposed to do to atone for the sins of someone else? Let’s face it, there aren’t too many influential Tories around now who were in government in the ’80s and ’90s. When situations change you adapt to new circumstances, you don’t sit there closing your eyes with your fingers in your ears going “blah blah blah can’t hear you”.

  23. “I think you need to look a bit closer at the Euro legislation” Sister Mary Clarence? Which bit and why? I do, for my work keep a very close eye on it thanks, and obviously so I’d have thought to people if they looked at my post.

    The EU is only now looking at Goods and Services Legislation for example, and have still not passed it, and it is highly controversial since we have allowed members to join like Poland with their government’s attitude to LGBT rights to join the EU. Check this for just one story GAY EU

  24. As if to prove the point that the Tory Party has moved on, compare and contrast Michael Gove, MP for Surrey Heath and Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (representing the spirit of Tory administrations to come) and old Lord Tebbit (representing the ghost of Tories past).

    “I think that the Right was wrong to get hung up on homosexuality,” Gove said, “I think we indulged prejudice in the eighties and missed the point. It’s not gay men who’re abusing women and abandoning children – its straight men. And the demand for civil partnerships, proper inheritance rights and equality in adoption rights from gay couples is not a rejection of commitment but a desire to see commitment celebrated and publicly embraced. It is right and moral.”

    Tebbit rejects that argument, but is a fossil, not even a living dinosaur in terms of current Tory policy.

  25. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 5 Aug 2008, 9:05pm

    Luke and SisterMaybeALittleDabOfWhitewashWillCoverTheStench are conservative homosexual gentlemen who favor the Tories because that’s the party that looks out for the interests of the wealthy, i.e., social parasites.

    The Conservatives real politics are based on their fear of the social evolution of the GLBT communities, It’s is a body blow to traditional society, the preservation of wealth through patriarchal marriage and the rancid practice of the rich and their managers of discrimintory underpaymet of wages for minorities, GLBT folk and women.

    Their constant refrain is that the Conservatives have done no harm for years. But that’s only because they’ve been out of power for years. Story after story in PinkNews details incident after incident of closeted and hetero Conservatives expressing their internalized homophobia or bigotry. Story after story exposes Tory opposition to lesbian/feminist birth rights, anti-hate speech legislation, same sex marriage and the robust enforcement of anti-discrimination and anti-hate speech laws.

    Nancy Platts, of the Labour party hit the nail on the head when she said:

    If the Tories want gay and lesbian people to vote for them in elections, they should vote for gay and lesbian rights in Parliament.

    They haven’t changed any more than a chameleon changes.

  26. Chuckster 6 Aug 2008, 9:14am

    And that rant says it all, the fear is not that the Tories hate gays, as any fool can see looking at policy and personnel that’s not true any more, the fear is that the left is losing it’s monopoly gay vote. Tragic.

  27. lol – Like the left ever had a monopoly on the “gay vote” – strange ‘cos I have always known loads of gay people who were more than happy to say ‘I’m alright Jack’ I have plenty of money and I can hide the fact I’m gay and vote Tory on money grounds.

    The list of gay Tories is legend – From Harvey Proctor to Ivan Massow there’s always been a Conservative tenancy in the gay world – now they are coming out ‘cos some of the noises made by their party are more friendly, and since society has changed attitudes more recently the Tories are moving too. But to believe they’ve moved all the way too being friendly – well there are still two camps in the party read Lord Tebbit and say there’s no problem any more!

  28. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Aug 2008, 8:16pm

    With all those gay-hating Tories running the council, its it strange that Brighton is Britain’s gayest city.

  29. you love making me laugh Sister Mary Clarence – you have it the wrong way round it’s Tory loving gays proving my point of course “I have always known loads of gay people who were more than happy to say ‘I’m alright Jack’ I have plenty of money and I can hide the fact I’m gay and vote Tory on money grounds.”

    and proving that the left have never had a monopoly on gay votes – the fact is that they didn’t deserve them

  30. What’s strange, Sister Mary, is that you seem oblivious to the fact that Brighton has only got where it is due to a Labour majority, while Tory councillors were busy making comments about Gays being paedophiles. The tories have only had a majority in Brighton since the last election and if memory serves, they’ve done less than nothing for the community here. They’re just riding on the back of Labour achievements.

  31. Sister Mary Clarence 9 Aug 2008, 12:03am

    “ ….Tory councillors were busy making comments about Gays being paedophiles”. An interesting point, as the member in question was immediately thrown out of the party after the incident.

    However in the case of Miranda Grell the LABOUR councillor, and researcher for Nicky Gavron, lap dog of the now defunct Red Ken, there was no suspension from the party or removal after she was convicted in the counts of making false statements having been caught accusing a fellow candidate of being a paedophile and forcing him and his long term partner to flee London in fear of their lives.

    Perhaps, wossname, you could talk us through her dismissal from the Labour Party when the initial allegations were made? No? What about after she was convicted of a horrible crime against her poor gay opponent? No? What about when she subsequently lost here appeal again convicted (which incidentally is rumoured to have been funded by the Labour Party)? No? Might that be because despite having her day in court twice and having lost on both occasions she neither resigned or was sacked.

  32. Naughty Nurse 9 Aug 2008, 2:55pm

    I love that fact that those who hate the Tories try to mix up homophobia and greed. So those gays who do vote Tory only do so because they are greedy.

    What a crass and ignorant comment. You go on about being broad minded and then you come out with such hatred, you should ba ashamed of yourself.

    You should look at some of the Catholic Labour MPs like Ruth Kelly and Geraldine Smith et al. See what they have to say about gay adoption and about gay rights.

    I am a Tory but I do not have such a blinkered view of the world as some people who support Labour do on here. There are people in all parties who exploit the gay card at one time (remember Simon Hughe’s Lib Dem by-election campaign against Tatchell ‘the straight choice’ and all that) and there are also people in every party who have differeing views on homosexuality.

    Section 28 was wrongly applied and sent out the wrong message to the gay community. The best thing the gay community can do to be ‘accepted’ is to stop naval gazing about the past and start looking at those problems that affect ALL communities.

    House prices crashing, repossesions up, the gap between the rich and poor higher than ever, youth unemployment higher than it was in 1997, the gap between the top and bottom perfoming schools widening, the tax burden rising, inflation rising, unemployment rising, social mobility declining – need I go on!

    That is the record of the last ten years of Labour, that is a record than impacts on us all, lets talk about those issues not obsess about the views of a few dinosaur politicians who belong to the history books.

  33. Yeah, Mary, and she was fined a damm sight more than the tory councillor, who even had his fined paid for him, no doubt by his good tory friends, according to one report, there was a chorus of “I’ll pay” after sentencing. Labour withdrew funding, rightly, even if a little late and if she still protests her innocence, who’s to stop her, not me, certainly not you, she had her day, was turned down on appeal, as is her right, and has been suspended, just like the tory bigot in Brighton. But let’s ignore Nicholas Russel, her Labour running mate, who testified against her in court. I can’t recall many tories turning up in court as witnesses for the prosecution in the many cases corruption we have seen come from the tories.

  34. Boris Johnson: “Gay marriage can only ever be a ludicrous parody of the real thing.” May 2008

    David Cameron: “One Legged Lithuanian Lesbians”? Oct/Nov 2007

    IDS: comparing planned lesbian parenthood with unplanned teenage pregnancies May 2008

    Section 28 repealed as a result of a Private Members Bill from a Labour MP not a Labour Govt, the welfare of young people and LGBT families subject to the whims of a parliamentary lottery despite clear manifesto commitments by Labour and despite clear evidence of the suffering of LGBT people and families. Section 28 gone but effects continue in schools and beyond…

    16 yr old boy had to take the British Govt to court to get an Equal Age of Consent from Labour and Jackie Smith still hasn’t given Iranian lesbian Pegah Emambakhsh asylum despite the clear dangers of her being deported home… and Gordon doesn’t seem to have it too high on his agenda if he can’t stir himself to turn up to Equality votes

  35. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Aug 2008, 5:32pm

    Wossname, maybe that reflected the fact that a hard working pillar of the community had been forced to flee his home and the city he lived in due the the threats and abuse he suffered as a result of the tissue of lies Ms Grell had spread in order to oust him from his seat.

    And yes, Nicholas Russel, it isn’t often that your own running mate in an election will be so disgusted with your conduct that he or she will stand up in court and testify for the prosecution. Undoubtedly a reflection of just how disgusting her behavious was, thank you for highlighting that point I overlooked.

  36. You’re really full of fun Sister Mary Clarence they way you reinterpret every action to favour the Tories – now I’m guessing here, but was Ma Thatcher’s motive for introducing Section 28 so as to help gay people by so appearing to be so nasty and unjust that everyone joined together and campaigned more for equality and justice?

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