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French gays concerned about new database that records sexual orientation

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Reader comments

  1. Terry Floyd Johnson 1 Aug 2008, 5:43pm

    France is using fear of terrorism to turn its nation into a facist country. EDVIGE is nothing more than an attempt by a government to have a way to destroy those who go against those in power.

    The United States is another ***hole country who is using terror, as a reason to create data bases on its citzens, so as to be able to find and execute or jail, those who don’t go along with the power in power.

    Its noce to know that soon these countries will be a passing fart on history’s timeline.

    Freedom, means privacy, and nations who don’t allow this shall fall within the next 25 years.

    Not a great loss, especially, the U.S. who has become a terrorist country itself, under the powergrabber Bush. Look to see him try to use his executive order to declare a national disaster, so he can become sole leader of the country.

    His whole presidency has been to bypass elections and term limitations; the only one he has left is to look to a national disaster, real or made up, so he can send home the Supreme Court, and Congress.

    The Conservative Right, and Fundamental Conservateives would love to see this, as they would could begin their own terror on those who don’t believe the way they do.

    I hope I’m wrong about Bush and his facist new right christians; but its doubtful, by past performances.