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Lambeth Conference makes no decisions on gays in the church

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  1. I am not sure where the Anglican church’s ‘authority’ comes to pontificate on the lives of lesbians and gay men. I am getting rather sick of these Christians making pronouncements about my life and how I live it.

  2. The catholic church maintains that “Homosexuality is a disordered behaviour,” without one shred of evidence to support this stance.
    I would like to know which other groups of people it also considers to be “objectively disordered” and why and what evidence they are collectiong in support of this philosphical standpoint?

  3. I’m glad that people like Peter Tatchell will stand up to the hatred being spouted by religions. Around the world there is child slavery, child poverty, rape, murder, torture. In all of these, surely christians should be at the front campaigning against these problems. But, no, all that christians can do in the 21st century is crap on about homosexuality. All religions are defunct, showing NO moral leadership. They are an embarresment to the human race.

    History books will show, that in the 21st century, the Anglican bishops effectively fiddled while the world burned. But then anybody nowadays who believes in an imaginary man in the sky they can talk to needs locked up.

  4. Peter Tatchell has every right to protest at the Lambeth Conference. You don’t have to be anglican or christian to be affected by their stupidity and hate. Maybe I would ignore them if I didn’t believe that their actions have an effect on the lives of gay men and lesbians. But anglicans don’t just treat their own gay and lesbian members badly. They lobby politically against legislation that would protect the rights of gay men and Lesbians in general. Look at Ankinolas support for the most horrific of legislation which would outlaw organisations working for gay rights, which criminalises homosexuality and which would even criminalise homosexuals talking to each other. It is unsurprising that yesterday a gay anglican from Nigeria was given asylum in the UK because his life was in danger in Nigeria. Yet the likes of Ankinola and Oroombi bleat that christians will be persecuted by muslims becasue of the percieved liberal attitutde of their church to homosexuality. Their soloution is to persecute homosexuals so that they appear tougher to a larger playground bully. In the UK there are 26 seats in the house of lords for bishops of the church of England. Some of these representatives have lobbied against every piece of legislation which would improve the lives of gay men and Lesbians in the UK. The media is very happy to reproduce the vile and irrational things that representatives of the Church of England and other religious people say. The number of times recently I have seen reported words of Catholics saying that homosexual relationships are disordered. How dare they tell me my relationships are disordered, could they say that relationships between chinese people are disordered or between disabled people or anyone else! I might not agree with everything that Peter Tatchell says or how he goes about it but religious bigots need to be shown that their actions have consequences. Their “loving” concern does lead to the persecution of gay men and lesbians, to discrimination, to poorer health, to hurt and violence. Their rights to espouse and focus on whatever vile and stupid superstititous beliefs they have does effect how I and other homosexuals around the world live and the quality of our lives. It is obscene that part of our government supports this discrimination. It is untenable that the Church of England should remain part of our government.

  5. PT says the things “polite” commentators don’t.

    The CoE has 20+ bishops in the HoL, making law. Religious leaders also have privileged access to Secretaries of State, Ministers and senior govt officers. They can affect the livesof every lesbian and gay person in England and Wales, and Scotland, and Irelend. That’s why their cults are so dangerous to us, and need monitoring

  6. on the day (2/08) hen yet another of our children die at the hands of murderous homophobic thugs, any words emanating from their “graces” at Lambeth are the bitter spew of hypocricy. Their equivocation is a tool of excuse for people who use violence to express hate rather than the honeyed envenomed words of the children of Christ.

    They all are stained with his blood; their talk of sin and moral disfunction, etc enables the ax wielders.

    I hope they reflect on their complicity. And we mourn another life quenched, and family shattered.

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