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Gene Robinson reveals that he needs a bodyguard and bulletproof vest

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Reader comments

  1. The article incorrectly states that “Robinson is the only bishop to have been barred from the once-a-decade meeting of Anglican leaders”. The fact is that Mr. Robinson is the only openly homosexual person occupying the office of a Bishop to not be invited. Also, not invited were Bishop Martyn Minns of CANA, and all of the Bishops of AMiA and the Reformed Episcopal Church. Therefore, many Orthodox Anglican Bishops and only one openly homosexual person have not been invited.
    Please make a genuine effort to be honest and accurate in your reporting.

  2. Robinson is the only bishop of the Episcopal church not to be invited: CANA, AMiA, etc. are not *really* Anglican now, are they? Let’s be quite honest. Gene Robinson was properly elected to his office and consecrated by his fellow bishops in ECUSA. On the other hand, these imposter-organisations rampantly crossing boundaries (and sometimes oceans) and establishing their own so-called “bishops” in flagrant contravention of the Windsor Report are nor really anything of the kind.

    So: “Gene Robinson was the only real Anglican bishop not invited to Lambeth.” Does that sound better? You can throw around words like “orthodox” all you like, but it don’t make you a jot more Anglican.

  3. CANA and AMiA consider themselves to be within the Global Anglican Communion, and therefore are directly affected by what happens at Lambeth. There are many other Anglican groups, also not invited, that will also be directly affected by what happens. Too numerous to list here. Point I was making, is that Mr. Robinson is most certainly not the only one that was not invited.
    Regarding Mr. Robinson as a Bishop. Many poeple withing the Global Anglican Communion do not consider his election to be valid. He divorced his wife, even though she had not committed adultery. This alone should have disqualified him (possilby there are many other people holding the office of Bishop that this would also apply to, a “general cleanup” is perhaps in order). Additionally, Mr. Robinson, lived in a sexually active relationship outside of marraige when he was elected. Homosexual, or otherwise, this relationship was outside of marriage, and therefore aduterous. This also, on its own, disqualifies Mr. Robinson from being a Bishop.
    Please note. There is absolutely nothing homophobic in anything that I have posted.

  4. Fred Ferguson 19 Jul 2009, 9:18pm

    Hi my name is Fred Ferguson i stand 6’9 and 305 lbs im currently workinfg as a bodyguard for an R&B singer. Looing for another clien if you would like to no more pleas feal free to email me willing to travel in an out of the country.Also can care a firearm

  5. Bishop Ioan 17 Sep 2009, 2:51pm

    Maybe if Bishop Robinson had been allowed to live openly and honestly there would have been no need for a divorce because he wouldn’t have been involved in a straight marriage. You will take any charge you can to blacken the name of clergy who don’t agree with you. Why don’t you go to Virtue Online (the caviar of homophobic, reactionary “Anglican” websites)? You should be in a veritable Heaven there.

    I’m Old Catholic myself–is it legal to “sheep-steal” in the Anglican Church? I know it is frowned upon in the Old Catholic Church to which I belong.

  6. Father Andrew Gentry 20 Nov 2009, 7:09pm

    The United States has more nutters per square mile than any other country on earth Now add to this that these same nutters can and do arm themselves with everything from revolvers to assault rifles because American culture worships the gun and enjoys the violence that goes with such worship and you can easily see how dangerous a situation exist in the US. In the state of Texas alone it is estimated that there are 3 guns for every man woman and child in the state(a fact that some Texans are proud of God forgive them!)In addition there is a “christian taliban” that openly calls upon its adherents to pray for the death of the President and by implication anyone who supports him. I do not blame the good bishop for having a body guard or for wearing a bullet proof vest! I have marched in Pride marches where the religious right, a contradiction in terms I know, threatened the lives of the marchers and that was only a few years ago. Britain the country I call home though I live on this side of the Pond may have its problems but compared to America she is decades ahead of this republic!

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