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US complaints lead to Mr T ad being pulled from UK screens

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  1. I don’t find that Snickers advert at all offensive, unlike the pulling of the Heinz ad which was just plain ridiculous. There was no suggestion the speed walker was gay. He was just mincing around, like speed walkers do. You’ve got to admit, speed walkers do look funny. Reminds me of Kel from Kath & Kim.

  2. Ryan Haynes 29 Jul 2008, 4:53pm

    Do they actually ask the opinions of average gay men? Or jump to conclusions – what a whole load of PC who-ha! I find it offensive that speed walkers wear such tight shorts – seriously, when was that ever in fashion?!

  3. So now we’ve to be offended at anyone making fun of men in tight shorts? Seriously?!

    I can assure many people would be offended at the sight of me in tight shorts – and it’s got nothing to do with the fact I’m gay!

    I’m starting to think LGBT groups are getting a bit over zealous. . .

  4. I find the Feb 2007 ad more offensive, reading the description here. It’s the subtle messages to the general public that being gay is wrong, that I find sinister. Some of them are almost subliminal. These isolate LGBT people.
    I’m withholding judgement on the speedwalker ad – maybe it IS just humorous, but, reading about the previous ad, maybe not.

  5. Slipstream 29 Jul 2008, 6:03pm

    Mr. T is the man and pulling the ad is stupid! I mean what year do we live in, last time I checked it was 2008 for pity sake.
    I just downloaded Mr. T’s voice from for my GPS and I love it. But my question is, am I meant to get offended every time I make a wrong turn and he calls me a fool or something? On that note, I also go Kim Cattrall from Navtones, can I claim she is sexually harassing me when she says, “Lets just pull over and get in the backseat, thats bigger enough for us two, or maybe three”?
    The Snickers ad is just an ad and with them pulling it, it’s probably getting more attention than it would have if it just came out. (Pun)
    “Get Some Nuts.”

  6. The Mars family – the American owners of the private company that makes Snickers – donates millions and millions of dollars to extreme right-wing, “family values” causes. When you buy one of their products, you’re damaging more than your teeth!

  7. I’m not friend of over reaction. But this add is in fact homophobic. Or an –at the least- a homophobic fuse.
    If a white violent short haired blond jumps out of the blue to shout out at a black guy: “hey you curly haired, stop using that filthy hair, you disgrace to the human kind” while shooting fake bullets –ideas anyone?- it would be ridiculous that someone would discard it saying: “Oh, yeah, I’m curly haired and I’m not offended.” So, the article and the reasons are valid. They didn’t say the word faggot, they just push everybody to think that the right macho guy would take revenge on the walker for “looking” a “disgrace to the men race” “it’s time to run like a REAL man” (shoot). So, come on, they are people out there still shooting guys who don’t do it “like real men”, so do not promote it with an add.

  8. Oh, good lord people. I think you’re proving their point: get some nuts.

    Actually, it seems to me that this is most likely a rather cunning viral marketing campaign – certainly more people in the target audience have seen the advertisement on-line now than would have most likely viewed it on television (and all for free!). Moreover, the notion that the ad is “banned by the gays” almost certainly gives it additional attraction in the eyes of some viewers.

  9. Get a life and stop being so damn insecure! To all who find that Snickers advert offensive, where on earth is your sense of humour? Stop jumping onto the PC bandwagon! Don’t you realise You’re making all of us gay people look weak and pathetic with your narrow minded attitude! Hardly encouraging the world to see us gay people as strong and independent! Get some nuts, you pussys!

  10. Get a life to all who complained about the Snickers ad! You make us gay people look weak and pathetic with no sense of humour! The speed walker wasn’t even necessarily gay anyway! You’re conforming us gays into stereotypes! How very dare you! I’ve had enough of people who say they’re marginilised having a narrow minded selfish insecure attitude and think that the ‘straight world’ hates them. We aren’t the only people being discriminated against and the Snickers ad is NOT discrimination, just a laugh at stereotypes. Be a strong, secure, independent and balanced person, not a hypocrite!

  11. What’s the matter with American gays? I loved those ads – don’t they have a sense of humour? Actually looking at Sarah Palin, I guess they don’t!

  12. This is definitely not homophobic.
    Possibly sexist, definitely portraying speed-walkers in a bad light.

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