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Tatchell claims Protestant icon William of Orange was bisexual

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  1. I thought this was a well known fact. So William was bi and Protestant and he was also blessed by the Pope to get rid of the Catholic James II so there we are, two good reasons for the Catholics and the Protestants to stop moaning(!)and recognise historical fact and not made up myths that keep hatred alive!

  2. But if they stop attacking gays, what will they do? Idle hands are the devil’s work, ya know!

  3. Well considering the past behaviour of certain elements in the “Province” God (Protestant or Catholic?) help them! There does seem to be a nasty worldwide habit of Blame the Gays for everything these days!

  4. There was no ‘homosexuality’ before the mid-19th century, just as there was no ‘heterosexuality’ before there was ‘homosexuality’. I thought this was a well known fact.

    I see Mr Tatchell’s point, but to apply modern terms to 17th-century figures is a little silly.

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