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Tories call for an election after Labour defeat in Glasgow East

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Reader comments

  1. worth pointing out that the victor is a ‘christian’

  2. Possibly nothing, but I heard a rumour that John Mason newly elected MP for Glasgow East is (allegedly) a closet homosexual, who lives with his partner but on his biography describes himself as single. It was also said that although he claims to live at 83 SANDAIG ROAD Barlanark but acually doesn’t!

    This would be interesting considering that the SNP once put a Transexual up in the Glasgow Provan seat.

  3. The Tories’ calls for a general election would sound less petulant if they hadn’t clung on to office til the very last possible moment last time around. The Liberals could get away with it – the last time they were in power they called an election on a point of principle three years before they needed to… the lesson being those words, “the last time they were in power”!!

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