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Teen accused of shooting gay classmate to be tried as an adult

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Reader comments

  1. I really don’t understand the US justice system. It seems highly politicised by European standards, and heavily imbued with a sense of “public justice as public spectacle.”

    Awful as this crime doubtless is, there is absolutely no sense in treating a 14-year-old boy as a criminally liable adult. It is a gross travesty of justice, and the prospect of a child spending his life in prison merely compounds the existing tragedy.

  2. a fourteen year old boy, indoctrinated by homophobes, cannot be held culpable to the same extent as an adult. There is the hope of reclaiming him, dreadful though his crime is.

    I feel the desire for revenge for the death of one of OUR children, but we must take that deep breath and give him a second chance of a decent life.

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