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AIDS tops Heath Ledger’s Joker journal

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Reader comments

  1. as I asked after the last ledger story: what the hell’s this to doing on a Queer News website?

  2. Heath Leadger could have performed a hell of a character with his Joker. But if I see a cannibal on screen, I want the actor to act as if he is eating human flesh, I don’t wanna see him actually doing it. That’s what I call acting. In the same way, I don’t like an actor going wacko to play a wacko. According to the sources, Heath was in deep –deep- troubles before the Joker stuff. And all I see is the glorification of a tragedy, covering with his acting the horrible truth behind his “convincing” acting. Hope not everybody get so blinded under the light of commercial reasons. I would hoped that Heath had not done “such a wonderful job” and stay alive and have a healthy normal life. I give a crap for myths that lies onto glorified tragedies.

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