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Gays to show their Pride in a city with nine BNP councillors

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Reader comments

  1. quote “You can be gay behind closed doors, you can be heterosexual behind closed doors, but you don’t bring it onto the streets, demanding more rights for it.”

    we dont want MORE rights we want equal rights

  2. ‘I don’t like it shoved down my throught.’


  3. or rather ‘thrusting in our faces [in it]’

    I bet he wishes for such an eventuality every night of his sad, lonely, unfufilled life.

  4. they are just scared…… they might enjoy it, and that will make them gay!

  5. But it’s okay for the BNP to shove their homophobia down everyone’s throats? PLEEEZE!

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Jul 2008, 4:50pm

    What a farce! Straights already have their full equality, we don’t. They shove their sexuality down our throats 24/7 365 when you see them kissing, holding hands in public places, in the movies, on the television, in the papers, magazines. The doublestandards are appalling yet they get bent out of shape when we do it. They need to grow up, get over it and get a life because we’re not going back to the closet, ever. We pay taxes just like they do, fight in their abominable wars and die for them too. Damn bigots and hypocrites.

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