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HIV symptoms not being diagnosed properly claims charity

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  1. Always get an HIV test at the GU or your local sexual health charity. NEVER from GP as that will go on your medical record even if you turn out to be negative and will damage your chances of getting a mortgage or life insurance from a bank.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Jul 2008, 5:04pm

    Here in the states, many doctors are pushing for making it mandatory to test every patient regardless of age or gender. Doctors are far more aggressive here in promoting HIV testing. The failure of British doctors to identify HIV infection only serves to paint an even worse picture of health care delivery in the UK, something that right wing republicans (conservatives) use to deny universal care (national health care) to 47 million Americans who have no access to health care.

  3. If people weren’t such tarts more would be sensible when having sex & thus reduce the risks of being infected. We have to assume that our partners are HIV+ & act accordingly if we are to remain safe/not pass on infections.
    I know the UK has a proportionately high rate of HIV infection but a large number of new infections are asylum seekers who ‘discover’ they have HIV after they arrive here. In other words they are coming here intending to get free treatments unavailable in their own countries. As a worker with an HIV charity I know all about the bogus asylum claims that our government turns a blind eye to.

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