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Hadrian’s life uncovered in new British Museum exhibition

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  1. Stephen warwick 23 Jul 2008, 2:33pm

    The only uniquely straight emperor, was Claudius. Bi-sexuality and homosexuality as we would have it was the norm in Roman times.

  2. Fouteen out of the first fifteen Roman Emperors had gay sex. The only people that hated homosexuals at this time were Jews. (I am quoting THE BIG BOOK OF JEWISH WISDOM) It is disgusting to see my fellow “Abominations” trying to protect Jews by re-writing history when Jews not only started hatred of homosexuals but have been stating gay men should be put death for over 3,000 years. Isn’t this genocide?

  3. Yes its interesting that sex was not taboo in Pagan Rome, Greece or Egypt (indeed often the opposite) and the “Chosen People” had so many laws against what sort of sex you could have or shouln’t do and passed it onto the Christians and the Muslims! Hadrain has always facinated me sounds like a great exhibition!

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