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DUP members defend Iris’ right to express her homophobia

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  1. Omar Kuddus 23 Jul 2008, 2:46pm

    And thus my “inalienable right” is to say that you are a bigot and should actually get your statistics and facts correct, if you can get yourself out of the Bible, for only a religious fanatic could liken “child abuse to homosexuality”.
    Religion has no part in modern politics and lest one forget the church itself has a long history of abuse and taking advantage of its position.
    Again once this country establishes that Sexuality is as much a fundamental right as any other, such behaviour can be deemed unacceptable, especially for someone in “Office” and religion put into its correct place and prospective.
    Until we are all equal in the eyes of Humanity such bigotry and behaviour will keep surfacing time and time again, for ignorance and misunderstanding cannot be an excuse forever and about time the community made it self heard.

  2. She is entitled to her views and to express them, but everyone else is entitled, if not morally obliged, to criticise, ridicule, harass and express hatred for those beliefs.

    This happens all the time with religious bigots. They dish out insulting, hurtful opinions to their heart’s content but as soon as people criticise their views, they’re banging on about how they are being persecuted. Either get used to it, or, if you can’t take it, then shut up!

  3. quote, This happens all the time with religious bigots. They dish out insulting, hurtful opinions to their heart’s content but as soon as people criticise their views, they’re banging on about how they are being persecuted. Either get used to it, or, if you can’t take it, then shut up!

    they only do this because they have no argument and no proof.

  4. Sammy Wilson and Gregory Campbell catch yourselves on. Iris a victim and being harassed by the media. Remember she kicked it all off with outrageous comments like telling gay people to seek psychiatric help “to turn them around” and now comparing them to child molesters. The DUP are not fit to be in the government of Northern Ireland if this is their true colours.

  5. Why would she not get support from the DUP. One of the most backward looking organisations in the UK.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 23 Jul 2008, 5:09pm

    Well said, everyone! The only way to diminish the power of state religion is to disestablish it altogether, it is anachronistic, irrelevant and a drain on our pink tax pounds. Time to boot it out for good. Let them go find real jobs and keep their religious bigotry and hypocrisy where it belongs, within the confines of their homes and nowhere else, ever.

  7. “The only way to diminish the power of state religion is to disestablish it altogether…”

    Okay, fine – I happen to agree with you about disestablishment. But at least get your facts right: this has nothing to do with “state religion.” Robinson is not a member of the “established” church; she is a self-professed “born-again” evangelical. In fact, the head of the (Anglican) Church of Ireland, the “established” church in Northern Ireland, recently made waves by saying he would be prepared to conduct same-sex blessings and ordain gay priests. You can imagine how that one went down in Belfast.

    The simple fact is that Iris Robinson and her DUP chums represent their constituents, with all their lovely angry Ulster prejudices. The problem is not the established church, it is not religion in general. The problem is that, unfortunately, democracy dictates that even the intellectual bottom-feeders should be fairly and proportionately represented. Iris Robinson has every right to launch her foot into her flapping evangelical gob and then deny ever having done so. And we have every right to call her out on it every time.

  8. Northern Ireland is off the scale in so many ways and in a different world to the rest of the UK. The hatred going on there is so widespread it’s untrue… what this idiot Iris Robinson is doing is just more of the usual hate politics of Northern Ireland… the violence, the hatred, the anger, the bitterness, it seems to be never ending.. no wonder people who can get out of there, do, as soon as they can. It really is sad.

  9. Ted – I think what is sadder is that there is a belief that the majority in Northern Ireland is in support of “hate politics” as you call it. There has been widespread condemnation of her comments and I have not met a single person who is in support of her views. I think the next elections here will yield surprising results as our “politicians” first foray into government will be evaluated and hopefully that will see the DUP gone, or at least with not such a majority that makes them feel they can get away with whatever they want. Trust me, these people do not represent all of us, and I actually think it’s very important to stay here to fight for these issues, rather than deserting and leaving Northern Ireland as such an inward looking society.

  10. 1. She actually said homosexuality and sodomy was THE ONLY THING WORSE than child abuse. This is technically wrong, social misinformation and a blatent mistake for a politican to claim as fact.
    2. Nobody is stopping her holding her views, but as a politician you must perform to a degree which is both answerable to and responsibly aware of your power & position. Her comments negate this duty, being both inapropriate to the context and factually incorrect. By making her private views a matter of public attention she must answer to the fate that brings. In this case her views are repugnant to both ideals of political democracy and civil decency. She should bare the consequences of her mistakes as do all politicans, and resign or be removed.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Jul 2008, 6:17pm

    William, so sorry to hear that. If you like, email me the comments you posted that were deleted…if you still have them. My address:

    Rjb….I didn’t man to imply that Iris Robinson belonged to any state religion, am well aware that she isn’t. What I am saying is that if you get rid of the established church, it will diminish not only their power and influence to discriminate but those of other denominations, Robinson’s notwithstanding, that’s all.

  12. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED 24 Jul 2008, 8:40pm

    The rapid rise of rancid conservative homophobia by the DUP is following a familiar pattern.

    In the US the rabid racism of the KKK, the Southern Baptists and the Dixiecrats became unpopular as most Americans rejected it, and dangerous, as African Americans and Native Americans began to use physical force to defend themselves from KKK attacks. They also used the courts to break the KKK financially and win awards for their victims. The apartheid like conditions in employment, housing and voting rights came under concerted attack.

    The KKK, the Southern Baptists and the Dixiecrats, who’d morphed into Republicans, had to find a new outlet for their delusional, superstitious, hate-filled personalities. They looked around, retargeted, and we’ve been catching hell from them for the last two decades.

    In Ireland the DUP and its associated goon squads used violence to deny equality to the Irish and tried to maintain an apartheid system in housing and employment. The IRA fought a decade’s long successful battle to defend the Irish from DUP violence while the SDLP and SF fought and won the political battle that has Irish reunification as its real goal.

    The DUP, like the KKK and other conservatives in the US had to retarget and like them they chose to turn their compulsive hatred on the GLBT communities. They’re failing in the US and they’ll fail in Ireland. The foolhardiness of the Paisleys, the Robinsons and the entire leadership of the DUP will speed that process along. They’re dunces.

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