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Lesbos islanders lose court case over use of “lesbian”

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Reader comments

  1. Rose Collis 22 Jul 2008, 10:31pm

    “My sister can’t say she is a Lesbian,” islander and plaintiff Dimitris Lambrou told AP at the start of the case last month.

    Why doesn’t he introduce his sister to some of the gals at Skala Eressos – then she could say she was ;-)

  2. what his sister can’t come out? There’s no shame in it these days.

  3. What about the poor Swedes?! Oh, I forgot – vegetables aren’t a threat.
    These people should be proud of their history and not be so reactionary and uptight. Nobody minds the word ‘straight’ being used to describe not committing criminal acts – “I’m going straight” could have a variety of meanings but we manage to understand, don’t we?

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