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ITV soap may get lesbian character after just 48 years

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Reader comments

  1. “No soap has yet to feature a same-sex marriage storyline”

    A) same sex marriage does not exist only “civil partnerships”
    B) The Archers did have a civil partnership storyline, not all soaps are on the tv!

  2. pink news i expect better! Do you ever even watch the soaps???Emmerdale did not axe it’s gay characters, jonnie and his appalling boyfriend PAul are very much in the show, and are in a civil partnership, the planning of which was a storyline that ran for weeks with Paul’s mother and father competing to organise the campest versus most tasteful gay “wedding”, So wrong on both counts with Emmerdale, Wrong on Corrie aswell! Sean Tulley is NOT the only gay in weatherfield!!! As Gail’s father is openly gay, and was civil partnered to his now deceased lover. As for Eastenders having a realisitic 30 something GAY character. despite the botox that gay must be mid forties, and if you think every gay man in london is superficial, celebrity obsessed, camp, and fag-had addicted, then i suppose he’s realistic. Slightly worrying if your articles about such MAINSTREAM items as the uk’s most popular soaps are SO inaccurate!

  3. Don’t forget Doctors – it was the first TV soap to have a civil partnership ceremony between two characters. And the couple then had a child introduced – so gay Dads as well!

    Clearly someone’s not been doing their research. . .

  4. You say “No soap has yet to feature a same-sex marriage storyline.” While this may be true in the UK, New Zealand soap “Shortland Street” featured a civil union between lesbians Jay and Maia on Valentine’s Day 2006. Sadly they separated and were no longer together when Jay became the serial strangler’s second victim. Maia has named her donor-conceived son Jay after her ex.

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