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Iris Robinson’s homophobia encourages “thugs that perpetrate hate”

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 22 Jul 2008, 1:28pm

    “It raises serious questions about her fitness to sit in a position of responsibility”

    Never a truer word!

  2. henry collier 22 Jul 2008, 2:13pm

    attack their funding … lack of money will resolve their bigotry quick smart …

  3. The silence from the rest of the DUP and First Minister Peter Robinson is deafening over Iris Robinson’s latest controversial view of gay people. It begs the question, do they back her or are they going to disassociate themselves from this latest gaybashing rant?

  4. The pressure needs to be kept on this situation. This extremist KKKristian think she’s whipping up support for her positions, but instead she’s destabilizing the whole bigoted right leaning government.

  5. I guess the overall wall of silence may have as much to do with the current political impass the Executive are finding themselves in over policy matters re planning/education/policing and justice/the Irish language…to the point where the First/Dep First and all other ministers in the ruling committee as such has now failed to meet twice, and just can’t make decisions, that’s sectarian politics for you. Also some will be fed up with what she is saying, and others hope it will act as a distraction to the other difficulties I have already referred to.

    That said this level of outright bigotry and prejudice….the horrendous linking of same sex attraction to child abuse (when figures show 95% of child abuse is by st8 family members!)…no matter how she said it or meant it is absolutely appauling and un-acceptable and must be language amounting to a hate crime….I know I will be reporting it to the police as such.

    Vincent…in N Ireland…and I live 5 mins walk from Iris’s DUP office.

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