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Black protests mark end of Pope’s trip to Australia

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Reader comments

  1. horray – well done – totally with you – jesus would have been proud of you
    The Pope is one of the most grotesque ideas in the face of recent human injustice
    i can concieve of. A monstrous joke who should be challenged and expsoed at every turn along with his disturbing cronies at the Vatty…

  2. Good! They sent the Emperor back to Rome! And even in his send-off, it was a catholic man demonstrating the ugliness of the Church! Because he is catholic is probably the only reason he was not charged with the violence he displayed.

  3. Fancy that! In Australia the protest wasn’t covered on the news – in print nor on tv. Had to read it here.

  4. A young lad from Wigan – 12 years old – hung himself in a public park – attending a Roman Catholic school where no doubt all the pupils are being told that homosexuality is evil and that homosexuals are evil.Is this the second incident in Greater Manchester where children attending catholic schools have died in the cause of Cardinal Ratzinger’s crusade against homosexuality?Of course such is the atmosphere in the Roman Catholic church around the world that none of this likely to be made public- another Papal cover-up.BUT I’ll bet the Israelis know what Ratzinger did in the war! And his father and his brother.

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