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Stop aid to homophobic countries says Tatchell

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Tatchell has called for all international aid to be stopped if it is going to a country with a homophobic agenda.

    Why stop there? Stop international aid to all countries who
    pray in the name of Jesus Christ….or those countries where
    the Holy Bible is read in churches….or to those
    Christian organizations who contribute medical aid and distribute
    food to starving people throughout the world….yes…let’s
    use your definition of tolerance and prevent Christian good
    throughout the world because you feel threatened by the
    Holy Bible’s teachings against homosexuality.
    that contr

  2. The Bible did not originally state that homosexuality was ‘against gods will’ one of the early popes was severely homophobic, and he changed what the bible said, so i think it is a good idea to ban aid, and you are the one going to extremes Hank.

  3. Another stupid idea from the moronic Peter Tatchell.

    What on earth is stopping aid going to accomplish, it will penalise the poorest people of under developed countries, punishing people who desperately depend on our aid for their livelihood, whilst it shalln’t make one iota of difference to the leaders who are pursuing these homophobic policies.

    Tatchell should just shut up for once.

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