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Man flees Turkey after “honour killing” of his gay activist boyfriend

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Reader comments

  1. turkey is sadly becoming more and more repressive. recently there has been a crack down in istanbul resulting in the closure of some gay bars and saunas. police regularly raid sedate gay cafe bars because they are not receiving enough baksheesh and want to demonstrate their muscle. they humiliate the clientele by asking for their passports and noting details.
    the headscarf is now ubquitous.
    there is an undeclared anti gay agenda which doesnt auger well for any imminent EU acceptance.
    The tragic assasination of Ahmet Yildiz should waken up the gay and bi sexual turkish comminity to the repression going on on their own doorstep, but there is it seems a deafening silence for anyones head to raise above the parapet. This barbarism and cold blooded brutality is more typical of iran and zimbabwe than a possible european member state.
    Will the parents be jailed for their reprehensive act? apparently they are not even locked up.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Jul 2008, 11:23am

    I hope our Home Office is watching. How much more proof does it need to revamp the asylum system? Nobody should have to live this way and no socalled civilised society should accept it, least of all ours.

  3. All those hot, gay Turkish guys should come live in Cape Town! It’s cheap, hot and gay friendly

  4. darkmoonman 12 Oct 2009, 4:18pm

    Sadly, this is what the Religious Right wants for the USA.

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