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75% of Americans want to allow gays in the military

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Reader comments

  1. The US is still very blind to equality – don’t see this happening while the Homophobe in Chief is still in office.


    75% of Americans want to allow gays in the military

    A new survey by the Washington Post and ABC News has found that three-quarters of Americans think that openly gay, lesbian and bisexual people should be allowed to serve in the military

    So the survey had 228,000,000 (75%) of Americans agree with
    the above statement — what a bunch of crapolla, as Archie would

    I question the survey’s makeup, the way the question was
    asked, and don’t trust the media to give an unbiased

    Still think homosexuals in the military is more or a problem
    than any good that comes from it. I was in the military
    and would have been grossed out if I saw two male soldiers
    holding hands and kissing.

  3. Too bad that “Hank” won’t ever be in an area where HE is the minority… Perhaps if that happened, he would have a clue about what it feels like to be the minority.

    I served 20 years in the military and believe the ONLY problem would be with the alleged ‘christians’ who hate anyone that isn’t just like themselves.

    It would be interesting to test poor Hank using the evaluative tools from the University of Georgia that suggested a STRONG link between homophobic hatred and denied sexual attraction.

    Yes, Hank… perhaps your biggest fear is that others will realize you are just a big old nelly queen!

  4. Yo Doug:

    You assume wrongly that I hate homosexuals — I don’t — I feel
    sorry for their situation. If you want to demonstrate your
    sexuality, the military is NOT the place to do it. There’s
    much discipline needed to have a strong army, and I don’t see
    how letting two soldiers walk along, holding hands, and possibly
    kissing in view of heterosexuals will make for a stronger
    army. Yes, eventually I as a Christian will feel like I’m
    part of the minority. If you’ll examine our society, in
    the USA and in many countries, Christianity is in the minority
    already. Atheism, paganism, and self-worship is growing
    and “true” Christianity peaked a hundred years ago, if you
    would read the history of the great preachers in the past
    generations. Much of today’s Christianity is fluff and doesn’t
    carry much of a salvation message — but that’s to be
    expected as the Holy Bible told us it would. If you don’t
    believe the Holy Bible for its spiritual wisdom, read it you’ll
    see the human depravity that’s overtaking the world with its
    wars, crime, pornography, greed and many more sinful behavior —
    it tells the true picture of humanity without God.

    But my salvation is that I know that in 20 years or so, I’ll not
    be in this world — will be in a much better place — heaven,
    where there is no sadness, pain, evil — just being with
    the Creator of the universe, and I’ll get answers to all my
    detailed questions.

    Sleep well.

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