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19 July 2008

  • 19th July 2008

    Coronation Street: Fiz is shocked when John returns to Weatherfield

    Fiz is not best pleased to see John back on the Street

    12:26 PM — Fiz and Kirk are busy planning a birthday bash for young Chesney. But Fiz is getting spooked by anonymous phone calls and starts to feel like someone is watching her. When she eventually hears the mystery caller speak she's horrified to discover that it's John Stape. What does on earth does he want?

  • Emmerdale: Katie goes into labour

    Katie tells Jonny all about her plans for the baby

    12:21 PM — Perdy turns up at home with lots of baby items which immediately raises suspicions with Jonny. He heads to question Katie over Perdy's involvement in the baby's life. Katie explains exactly what's going on. She tells him if things go to plan she will make Gray pay and she and the baby and Perdy will have enough money to get far away.

  • EastEnders: Max and Jack compete for Tanya

    Max stirs up a hornet's nest in Albert Square this week

    12:17 PM — The gloves are off this week for Max and Jack, as the brothers fight tooth and nail over Walford bombshell Tanya. The increasingly confusing love triangle between Jack, Tanya and Max has now morphed into a love square, as Max uses Ronnie to get back at Tanya. Why Max still loves the woman who once tried to murder him is anybody's guess.

  • Hollyoaks Spoilers: Sasha goes missing

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    12:10 PM — It's not a happy week in Hollyoaks village. The repercussions of Darren’s fibbing are hitting the lad hard.

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