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British Army joins up to Stonewall workplace scheme

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Reader comments

  1. administrator 14 Jul 2008, 5:18pm

    This is great news for those in the Army who have been trying to gain a parity in profile with LGBT colleagues in the MOD Civil Service, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. We received a high volume of messages over the last 2 weeks via our website from soldiers who had been completely unaware that the Army would march in Pride – perhaps this programme will improve the communication of initiatives to the front line!

  2. The news that Stonewall has welcomed the British Army as one of its partrners shows how low it has sunk, in its bid to become the “AA” of gay organisations. We know of the Army of its brutalisation of gay and lesbian opeople, its evident use of intimidation, violence, harassment and – arguably – torture, againt civilians and non-combatants. It does hot shirk from using similar tactics against its own ranks. In the shadow of “Deepcut” and at a time when soldiers are being prosecuted for sexual brtutality, Stonewall ought to be ashamed of its association with military violence. (Just who appointed Stonewalll to represent gays in the UK is an interesting point: they seem to be media-hungry toffs determined to mix with the rich and famous. “Hello”, that’s not “OK”.

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