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CNN reporter returns to work after drug bust

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Reader comments

  1. Oh bless, there but for the grace of god…

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 14 Jul 2008, 1:35am

    I’m with you Tom, go knows we’ve all done it ….

  3. Who would have told that the shouting reporter was a junky. May be they did him a favor. Or may be he’s just cleaning his face.

  4. Martin Davies - C of E Gay Clergy Spouse 14 Jul 2008, 11:05am

    Its a gay man’s nightmare, alone in a city, all the washing to do and no where to hang it, no wonder he got tangled up, in the darkness of a park. ;-)

    He’s not bad looking too.

    But the meths – well hopefully he will be able to stay off the drugs from now on.

  5. A nice Jewish British boy but with a rather excited onscreen delivery I always thought.Sexy though with those lovely teeth.Never dreamt he was gay!

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