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12 July 2008

  • 12th July 2008

    Coronation Street Spoilers: Michelle finds out about Steve’s affair

    1:10 AM — Michelle and Steve are on and off more times than a light switch this week. Steve's sordid night of passion comes back to bite him on the bum. Well, what did he think was going to happen when he shacked up with Becky?

  • Emmerdale Spoilers: Viv comes face-to-face with Freddie

    1:05 AM — Donna finds out about a possible sighting of Freddie and tells Viv. Viv is beside herself with this news and immediately wants to hire the services of the private investigator again. Bob point blank refuses and Viv's left wondering where she can get the cash from to hire Rebecca secretly.

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Roxy moves in with Sean 3

    12:59 AM — Albert Square is awash with problems this week. Resident party girl Roxy Mitchell returns to Walford having rekindled her romance with bad boy Sean Slater, much to Ronnie's horror.

  • Hollyoaks spoiler: Is this the end for Jack?

    12:56 AM — Jack's in a terrible state this week. He's struggling to cope with mounting debts and has no idea what to do. When Frankie finds out that in desperation he's begged money from his grieving step-daughter, it's the last straw. Frankie can't take any more and leaves him.

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