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Pride London reveal more details about trans toilet incident

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Reader comments

  1. Abi Chrisopher 12 Jul 2008, 8:17am

    You have spun this story to put trans people in a bad light shame on you pinknews!

  2. Yet another story demonstrating the pushy, officious, rude and intolerant staff at the Pride event. I suggest they train their people a little better next time, or there’s going to be a lawsuit or two flying around.

  3. Abi Chrisopher 13 Jul 2008, 2:37am

    Maybe the leaders of the Gay and lesbian community have gotten too comfortable with nearly full equal right now achieved for themselves, they have become the establishment and now dont want to rock the boat or risk losing there MBE’s. They seem to of forgotten the others who stood with them in the struggle maybe we (transpeople) should take our colours off the rainbow flag as they no longer have the will to support us or want too I cant help but feel we have been sold out by LGB community.

  4. Wow… what spin!

    Gay hatred is alive and well…

    Abi, the Pride flag usd to have 8 colors… the pink and light blue were stripped off long ago when the f@gs and company stripped trans folks out of the movement.

    These people need to have their bigoted asses sued off.

  5. From what I’ve heard it’s been “spun” down a bit and the steward was apparently beatan up quite bad. Some people saw her having fist aid.

    But looking at the comments above I really dont think this is a time to get into a row between the various bits of L G B and T. Looks like the folks involved are talking to each other so let’s stay close and solve this kind of stuff like adults. We need to be united against THEM not each other!

  6. People have been saying that pride and the met have made it up about the steward getting hurt. Thats not true. I have it on good authority that the trans people did go in as a mob to do a protest and the steward got pushed to the wall. she hit her head against the wall and then felt she needed help. Members of the mob are also members of the trans committee that are complaining. So there is 2 sides to the story and people need to know that. I agee though that it is time to stop the arguing and work together.

  7. Dear Sandra,
    who was this ‘good authority’ who told you that?

    Please see the recent ‘second statement’ from Commander Steve Allen of the Met Police who confirms that these rumours are untrue, that the CCTV evidence shows the trans protest to have been peaceful, that no security guard was pushed, and apologising for the offense caused to the trans community. Pride have also issued apologies in private to the trans protestors and in a public statement.

    The Facebook group, Stop Transphobia at Pride, shows all of the key statements in one place…

    This unfortunate incident is now being resolved and both the Met Police and Pride are committed to preventing this happening again. It is shameful that some people have spread rumours slandering the trans people who were peaceful protesters defending their friend’s legal and moral rights to use the loos.

  8. What a mess. It appears as if there was never anything resembling physical antagonism on the part of the trans community at Pride; the rancour and ugliness flowed towards them, not from them.

    Since everyone concerned now knows that the “mob” incident never actually happened, they need to stop stonewalling and get real. They screwed up, they need to cop to that fact, admit it, apologise, and fix it by getting people to work for them who aren’t narrow-minded bigots and transphobes.

  9. It is some time since this article was printed, since then you have been ware for quite a while that your demonising of the trans people involved was inaccurate. There was no violence, no pushing, no barging. This has been confirmed by the Met and the Board of Pride London. Please have the decency to publish the facts.

  10. As CCTV footage shows, and as Pride and the Me have both publicly stated, there was no violence. Trans people are marginaised within the gay community and in mainstream society, yet have been fighting for equality bside us from the beginning. It was only du to certain LGB sections that they were ever made to feel excluded, and it’s time this stopped. Please, Pink News, as a space where our community go o find news about ourselves, hav the decency to print a ful retraction and apology. If the Met can, you can. It wasn’t that long ago after all, and is still causing problems, as his comments page shows. Please print an apology and retraction!

  11. Thank you for the link Christina, i will look at facebook, it is not something i have used before.

    Shev, have you seen the CCTV footage? I would very much like to see this. Perhaps the Met Police could be asked to show this somewhere publicly to end any confusions that exist. If we can see the film then we can all say that what happened did indeed happen, or not.


  12. Roz Kaveney 13 Sep 2008, 12:48am

    Since it is now clear from Commander Allen’s statement that the police have cleared the demonstrators of any assault on the security firm who were acting as stewards, it is time that the Pink News published a clear retraction of these claims. It would also be nice if some of the people above who made spurious claims based on second hand rumours would apologize to us…

  13. The met police have retracted there statement about violence. Trans people were NOT violent at Pride. Its time Pink News altered their story, and its time that the wider LGB community start thinking about trans people. T is Trans, not Tokenism.

  14. Joanne McKillop 13 Sep 2008, 8:48am

    The Met have conceded that the trans people at toiletgate were not violent, as have Pride. When will the Pink Paper follow suit and print a retraction to an article which – in the light of the new versions of events by Pride and the Met – is bordering on libellous?

  15. I posted a comment here (it was comment 7) but it was removed – why? Is this censorship?


  16. This sets the record straight…a letter from the Met Police…

    Steve Allen
    City of Westminster

    8th August 2008

    On Tuesday evening, 29th July, I together with other MPS colleagues, met with a number of people from the transgender communities in an open meeting in Westminster. This meeting came about as a consequence of events during Pride celebrations on 5 July.

    The meeting generated a lively and helpful discussion about a range of issues covering the relevant incidents and wider issues of trust and confidence between the police and trans people. There were a number of areas talked about where I believe the MPS can now make further progress as a result.

    The point was made, a number of times during the evening, about the need for us all to listen to and learn from each other.

    Part of the learning has been about the impact on the trans communities of early responses from the MPS. In particular, it is clear that my “open letter” had a very different impact from the one I intended. My intention was to provide reassurance that a senior officer had taken ownership and was determined to learn the organisational lessons that would undoubtedly emerge.

    I offer my personal and sincerest apology that my letter did not have the effect I had intended and upon closer reflection I can see why this caused deep upset to some of the trans communities. It was never my intention to suggest that my officer’s actions would not be investigated or that there would be no need to offer advice and improved training to him and his colleagues.

    It is clear that members of the trans communities and the officer found themselves involved in a set of circumstances for which the trans communities were not responsible. They were clearly the victims. It has been claimed that the demonstrators assaulted stewards – examination of CCTV evidence demonstrates that these claims are mistaken. Despite the best endeavours and intentions of the officer, these obviously came across in a way, which caused misinterpretation, confusion and hurt.

    I hope that the response of the MPS speaks more loudly than my initial choice of words. We have taken ownership of the issues at a very senior level; we have circulated advice about the GRA to our officers; we have resolved the complaint against the police officer to the satisfaction of the party involved and continue to investigate with full vigour a number of criminal offences connected with these events. We have also, of course, held an open meeting to maintain dialogue with the community.

    I have asked the Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate to hold a de-brief of these events with MPS practitioners to ensure we get the maximum learning from them. I know that a significant issue to be taken forward is the raising of awareness and training of our staff and the Diversity & Citizen Focus Directorate are now looking at options that further expand our developing partnerships with our transgender support associations who can assist us with our continued learning of this complex arena of diversity.

    We have to start from where we are, not where we would like to be. Mistakes have been made and I and certainly my colleagues within the Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate are aware of the disappointment and anxieties the trans communities have felt over this highly regrettable incident. We have for some years striven to understand the many issues, which beset the trans communities and in so many ways we have succeeded in listening and responding.

    Obviously the MPS has let you down on this occasion for which we have to double our efforts to repair and restore the much needed trust and confidence which can enable us to progress these issues in order to deliver very real and meaningful change.


    Steve Allen

  17. Since later statements from the Met totally clears the trans prostesters of any wrongdoing or violence, it is a shame that Pink News hasn’t yet issued a correction and an apology to the protesters.

  18. I had my later comment taken away too. Why are comments being removed?

    I suggested that the CCTV should be seen. Why was that comment deemed bad?


  19. Pink news should print an update to correct their earlier article.

  20. My comment was also removed from last night, as were several other people’s comments. That is not very good.

    Again thank you for the link christina. I will check facebook out, it is something i have not used.

    I suggested in response to another post that perhaps the CCTV footage could be made public so we can see that nothing happened. That maybe the best approach to this and then we would have closure?


  21. Lizzie Walker 13 Sep 2008, 11:51am

    It is a shame that this report still stands when the parties involved have cleared stated the inaccuracy of it. To leave the article standing is to falsely accuse people of violence, for no reason other than to stir up hatred and fear. Come on people, haven’t we had enough of this kind of bigotry being used against us, without using it against each other in this way? We’re one community; we need to stick together in this.

    Please correct the article, and publish a retraction. If it was one of your reporters falsely accused of violence, you’d have done it already.

  22. Thanks for that, Sandra.
    What was in your and others’ comments that they had to be removed?


  23. Actually there was no violence. You should issue a retraction as, since more light has been brought upon the incident, that was seen as false. I think journalistic integrity and the reputation of a small, disenfranchised community require such an act.

  24. Sophie Young 13 Sep 2008, 3:51pm

    Come on PP, prove to us in the trans community that you yourselves are not transphobic by printing a retraction. It will be good for your souls.


  25. Sophie Young 13 Sep 2008, 3:54pm

    Come on PP, prove to us in the trans community that you yourselves are not transphobic by printing a retraction. It’ll be good for your souls.


  26. Eileen Gunn 13 Sep 2008, 10:39pm

    A correction/update to the story would be a responsible way for Pink News to set the record straight, and a welcome demonstration of journalistic professionalism. The truth is important.

  27. Jim Sherry 14 Sep 2008, 2:35pm

    If this was a story in a mainstream newspaper, that (for example) gay people had caused trouble at pride, then you’d be all over it as soon as it was found to be false, demanding a retraction…

    …don’t Trans people deserve the same rights and protection??

    Isn’t is supposed to be lgbT??

    If you don’t set the record straight, then remember every time something ludicrous has been said about gay people in the media – think of what you thought of that journalist’s honour and integrity – and then realise that people are thinking it of you…

    It would take no effort for you to write a correction and it would stop the feeling that straight people like me are developing – that a lot of the gay community are transphobic – which is a terrible thing.

    Please restore my faith and do what is right…


  28. Sarah Parker 14 Sep 2008, 5:56pm

    The Met Police gave a second statement that clearly contradicts this report. The trans protestors did NOT turn violent or abusive. Therefore, I can only conclude from Pink News’ version of events that transphobia is rife at your newspaper. This is disgusting and you should publish another story apologising for lying to all your readers. You are basically encouraging discrimination against trans people.

  29. Nobody barged into the loos and pushed anybody up against a wall.
    The police will confirm this. Please get your story straight and please stop sensationally portraying transwomen as violent!

  30. Nobody barged in to the loos and pushed anybody up against a wall. The police will confirm this. Get your story straight Pink News!

  31. Kate Bygrave 15 Sep 2008, 7:24pm

    This report has been shown to be erroneous and therefore should either be updated or removed.

  32. Well done Pink News for publishing a welcome update now…

    And well done, also, for reinstating the ‘deleted’ comments above.

    Is there some way of linking the three articles? At the moment the new article stands alone and is not linked in the ‘related articles’ section at the bottom of the page…

  33. Jim Sherry 18 Sep 2008, 6:40pm

    Well done pink news!!!

  34. I see that this article has been updated on 16th September to include more material from the first statements by the Met Police and Pride. Unfortunately, the article still contains the untrue suggestion (apparently from Pride – according to this article) that “the steward at the toilets was barged and pushed up against a wall, and inappropriate language was used.” As the subsequent investigation by Commander Steve Allen of the Met Police showed, the trans protesters DID NOT push the security guard. Furthermore, the ‘inappropriate language’ was used by the security guard, who called the trans protesters “a bunch of trannies”. The trans people present asked for an apology and it was given freely by the security guard and witnessed by the police liaison officer.

    Please see the later article published by Pink News, quoting from Commander Allen’s second statement, which sets the record straight:

  35. N.B. We are getting distracted now from the most unfortunate event of that day. As a result of being denied access to the ladies’ loos by the security staff, a trans woman was sexually assaulted in the men’s toilets. This is one of the two ‘criminal offenses’ which Commander Allen’s team is investigating.

    Now that the facts have been ascertained about the peaceful demonstration by the trans protesters, we should focus on what is being done to bring the attacker to justice and to help the poor trans woman who was unnecessarily assaulted as a consequence of this misguided policy.

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