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Dancing With The Stars may feature gay couple

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Reader comments

  1. Let the Logo channels and all those other “gay supporter” channels get their own Dancing with the Stars …. please do not subject correct gender families to have to view this crap!!!

  2. Although I have nothing against gay people, I think it is going a little too far to have 2 men dancing on “Dancing with the stars.”
    If you want to have 2 men dancing, then start another show with gay couples competing.

  3. I think this is really cool, I hope it happens.

  4. hey whats the big problem? seriously i think it’s a great idea. actually i think having a seperate show for same sex couples would only serve to increase the divide between straight, gay and transgenerd people when we should be trying to bring them together.

    oh and jackie, no one’s forcing you to watch, i’m sure you have at least ne other channel to watch while this is on :)

  5. In response to what some others have said, it isn’t an issue of being ‘gay supportive’ or not. I think that it’s about time that ABC as a network started displaying people as they really are. And this is undeniably a step in the right direction.

  6. D uane Gunn 29 Sep 2008, 4:55pm

    i agree with Jackie in a way but “Dancing With the Stars”,in away is mostly set for stra8t couples,but they could afrord a couple of gay ones,short example I rember a scene on ‘golden Girls” where ‘Dorothy and Rose did a Tango in the Show on a dance marathon in a episode once,it was in a flash back memeroy the girls were talking about,even the little dance they did start out with straght couples my point is i guess im getting to is even though the stars are not really gay or lesbian in real life,still i think is was pretty funny at the end when Blanche was stating alone without her partner,but in the end she did win the contest when rose and Dorothy were dq’d,but she share ithe money with her roomates.It does show that the men and women can dance with the same sex or the oppisit sex does it really matter? i don’t think so,but i’m just a fan who likes the stars dance wheather in a comedy or on cometition show.I think Lance Bass and His partner are doing ok,he hasn’t been voted off yet i don’t think.but we all have rights to comment and be open to the facts and ideas about this show whether is on a us ,canadian or international tv network.i still think we the publc should let the stars alone if they are gay,lesbian,stra8tor bi,its their chose,not ours to critize or complain about what they are doing,ect.but on a tv show like “Dancing With the Stars” or other shows that have gay or lesbian actors that apeer on that show,in real or their character is open or ling as the tv viwers will watch it or not is up to us.

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