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Stonewall: there should be no discrimination among marriage registrars

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Reader comments

  1. Peter & Michael 10 Jul 2008, 4:17pm

    The British Government should now enshrine into law Civil Partnerships as marriage as in other European Countries and States in America.

  2. the British Government were warned that this sort of thing would happen. They preferred to pay lip service to gay rights while continuing to give religion a privileged place in law and society.

  3. This is not a matter of gay v religious rights, it is a matter of implementing the law, which allows gay partnerships. Christianity does not require objection to homosexual relationships, and to that extent, the registrar’s attitude was personal. I do not think that claiming religious authority should be allowed to reinforce an individual’s views; they should be judged on their merits. The point is not whether one is religious or not, but that the rule of law must prevail over religious authority in the public domain.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Jul 2008, 1:08pm

    Peter & Michael, its NEVER going to happen! You know why? According to the marriage equality haters in the UK LGBT community, they chose not to pursue the right to marry because of what one of the anti same-sex marriage haters told me were the “negative connotations” associated with it, it was never an option so they settled for something different that they thought was equal and better. These very people who negotiated with Blair totally discarded those of us who wanted the right to marry. I was fobbed off by Stonewall when I raised this issue with one of their employees. She said that marriage was not a high priority. Can you imagine? But the tide is turning elsewhere, civil unions are now being abandoned for full marriage recognition as more countries are treating their Gay citizens as full equals to their straight counterparts, just as it should be. Forget the UK…..not going to happen, we’re still mired in the class structure…civil partnerships are just yet another tier that simply relegates us to another class. We are treated differently than the rest of society and for many of them, that’s ok. To deny us the right to marry for those of us who want it, runs counter to equality. I have no problem with those who want civil partnerships, but don’t deny us the chance and the right to marry for those of us who want it.

  5. Erroll Clements 11 Jul 2008, 2:36pm

    Well this will do the Islington Council’s business a world of good, suggest you avoid it like the plague! God forbid that anyone should have to be faced by that awful biggoted woman for their ceremony. If only some of us could be so lucky to choose who we do and don’t want to deal with when dealing with the everyday normal public?!!! Maybe a mantle of ‘pretend’ christianity might come in handy to keep in that bag, so that you can be convienantly two faced like all those other ‘God Botherers’!

  6. I absolutely applaud Islington Council’s decision to appeal against the Employment Tribunal’s ruling. I have always been of the view that it was a mistake to extend equality legislation to matters of faith – partly because the two protected groups are not at ease with each other (and that’s putting it mildly!), but also because the church has had rule over people’s lives for centuries, often with a rod of iron. In fact, some of the most cruel, heinous acts have been committed in the name of faith and religion.

    I don’t think I am bigoted when I say this: it’s time for religion (and indeed faith) to lose all protections and privileges. It won’t do them any harm, and the result could be a much fairer society.

  7. Laurence Ling 17 Jul 2008, 9:21am


    Absolutely – there is no place for this kind of protection in a secular society. I am delighted that Islington are taking this to appeal – however you look at it the ruling is a nonsense that has been created by a government that still seeks to place religious bigotry above all else.

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