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Secularists horrified by “catastrophic” employment tribunal ruling

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  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Jul 2008, 2:43pm

    I’ve not doubt that some LGBTQ apologists for the right wing would concur. Now that the cultists have won this round, its time to exercise our right of free speech, and they’d better be prepared. These so called christian governmental employees are by their action inciting hatred. Its time that we gave them a dose of their own medicine.

  2. will she also claim the right not to register deaths notified by civil partners?

  3. When will this religious minority (the’re not all bad) accept that gay people are not going to go away? They are wasting their time and effort. It’s sad really, it seems they have little more to their lives than going after people who have done nothing wrong and are just trying to live their lives!

  4. Regrettably the all inclusive liberal ideal breaks down at the point where you have special interest groups asking for the right to deny other groups their rights.
    If the religious right would keep it to themselves I wouldn’t have a problem, but they are constantly attempting to pull the rug out from the progrss made by the gay community ofver the last 40 years.
    They probably say similar things about me, but quite frankly they’re free to go to church, preach in the streets, marry whoever they like, even approach my front door with pamphlets telling me I’ll go to hell if I don’t adhere to their worldview. Why should they also have the right to prescribe for my lifestyle? I have half a mind to go door to door advocating gay lifestyles if they want to play dirty.

  5. Frankie Green 11 Jul 2008, 7:35pm

    May I suggest that heterosexual couples who support equality and human rights, are planning weddings in Islington and do not wish to take part in an apartheid system, specify that they not be married by Lillian Ladale, the registrar who refuses to perform civil partnership ceremonies? My partner and I would show equivalent solidarity and disgust should a white supremacist reject ‘mixed’ marriages, or against any other manifestation of the belief that some people – and their relationships – are less valid than others.

  6. First things first
    her religious belief is that being gay is a sin (her belief)Religious Belief

    Why doesnt she just not agree with it but at the same time do her job just like any other heterosexual worker does or majority do.
    Blame it on religion and more people turn away from religion,
    She has a job to do if she cannot do or refuse to do a job shes employed to do then that is a matter of sacking her.
    Simple as being gay is ok just like any other sexuality and personality. She will get the media attention but hey we all know different

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