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Controversial beauty spot’s clean up may upset cruisers

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  1. so much for the 2003 sexual offences act. Meeting in public is legal , sex is not . they are seperate issues and should be treated as such.Closing down places where gay people meet is discrimnationg and WRONG. They do it to no other group in the community. Before the sexual offences act we were moved on by the police. Now we are moved on by councils and the highways agency. Same out come just different car, different uniform, same outcome. Every gay meeting area is subjected to this problem. But what do we do nothing. Gay people esp in rural areas are being isolated more and more by these actions.

  2. The sole purpose to meet in those bushes is for sex. You don’t exactly go there for an intelligent conversation about the latest picture of the political landscape, or to debate the finer points of quantum mechanics.

    If the council wants to trim to verge.. let them. Those that continue with such blatant disregard for others in the park, children, couples out for slow walks, old people feeding the ducks etc, can simply go back a hotel or their respective homes to do such things.

  3. This is the type of campaign that gets gays a bad name. I’m a gay bloke and I’d go to the park for the same reasons as everyone else: a bit of fresh air, nice scenery, feed the ducks, gentle walk etc. I don’t particularly want to see anyone, gay or straight, shagging in the bushes.

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