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Church of Ireland leader explains gay marriage comments

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Reader comments

  1. Sean Compton 10 Jul 2008, 9:38pm

    “The Republic of Ireland has just introduced a civil partnership bill”

    Really? Since when?

  2. How is it that everyone that has made a comment on this article about how the article is incorrect with relations to its statements on civil partnerships, has their posting removed?

    Are PinkNews reporters that insular and petty that they cannot address an error in their articles?

  3. Comments left by people who do not provide a valid email address are deleted.

    To say that a draft bill has been introduced does not mean that civil partnerships have become law, merely that the draft version of the legislation has been presented.

    If you are unhappy with the news service we provide, the simplest solution would be to not visit the site.

  4. john o'rourke 26 Jul 2009, 10:14am

    Alan harper says that the church is open to “evolution in its doctrine”. Alan Harper, I hope you read this. Truth is eternal, and it is not fluid. It does not change. If a fact is a fact now, it will be a fact in a million years’ time. You cannot alter the truth or try to change it for the common era. I also know Alan Harper that you (at the last Synod) asked for an insert to be put into the book of Common prayer before the 39 Articles saying that old language was hurtful to the Roman Catholic Church. Let’s fact it Alan. The Mass is blasphemous (transubstantiation). If it was blasphemous then, well it is blasphemous now also. I don’t care what you say in this regard. One last thing, I attend the church of Ireland, and I get greatly blessed. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Did you see that word: truth? It is spelt with three hebrew letters: alephy, mem and tav. The first, middle and last letters of the hebrew alephbeyt. What’s the significance in all this? I’ll tell you. Truth is from the beginning to the end. It is eternal. Jesus is eternal, and will judge those who try to alter his word.

  5. John, thousands of years ago people didn’t know anything about homosexuality at all. Also, most biblical scholars agree that St. Paul was referring not referring to homosexuality and there was no Greek word for homosexuality at the time (St. Paul’s alleged writing’s being written in Ancient Greek)

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