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Straight Pride has a “homophobic agenda”

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Reader comments

  1. Peter Tatchell. Always a sane and straight voice for human rights. Thanks for all your efforts, Peter.

  2. the problem with tatchell’s one man band – which has admirable qualities, is that it can be a little too mavarick and also it shows how the actions of a single individual can prompt major backlashes.

    I do think the world is a better place for having people like Tatchell, but
    1. I think we need more evidence about the No woman no cry – comment – i certainly never ever heard that one before and an internet search reveals 2 hits as only a Tatchell quote. So please, back up your statements don’t rammble them off the top of your head cos you heard them in a gay club.
    2. The Striaght Pride is double edged. On the one hand it makes me laugh how people will organise against any assult on their freedom of non violent expression , who ever they be but on the other the sadistic celebration of gay murdering in the genre of carrebian music has got to have been the lowest point in the history of music from those islands.

  3. Let them have their parade. For goodness’ sake, don’t you think this is taking it a bit far? People have got a right to freedom of speech and peaceful demonstration, so let them use it. Most straight people I know are fine with other sexualities, and laugh at the idea of ‘straight supremacy’, it’s only a few that don’t.

    For a moment there, Peter Tatchell was sounding like a bit of a heterophobe…

  4. So it’s one law for us and another for them, eh? Aren’t we in danger of getting just a little above ourselves? Peter is a brilliant human rights activist, but surely he should be defending the rights of straights to express their views on family rights as much as he defends our rights go express ours? Unless Straght Pride outwardly preaches vile dogma against gays then live and let live. I am sure that Peter is the last person to want to promote the idea of thought police and the advancing Orwellian state, but that is what he is doing by going beyond his remit like this. Chill out, Peter, because we are in danger of being perceived as hysterical reactionaries, what with the Heinz ad ban still fresh in peoples’ minds. Reasoned debate will always win the day, so let’s have more of that and less grasping at dubious facts such as the supposed lyrics of No Woman, No Cry!!

  5. Straight Pride has a “homophobic agenda”? I guess that means that gay pride has a “heterophobic agenda”

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